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Feature Stories from the Star Eagle pages.

(Editor's note: Looking Back is a weekly feature on the pages of the Star Eagle)

100 Years Back – 1915

• One of the happiest little girls whereabouts on Christmas was Leone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Heckes of Byron. She was awarded the huge doll given away by popular vote by Peterson Bros’ Variety Store. The little lady was offered eight dollars for her prize by the store proprietors, but wouldn’t listen to the offer.

• Hog cholera is reported at the farm of Wm. Patschke a few miles southwest of this place, Mr. Patschke having lost 13 head of swine. He informed The Star over the telephone that the disease came from the herds of his Russian neighbors, who perhaps were ignorant of the disease and took no precautions. When their hogs died they were left on the field unburied. Mr. Patschke is doing what he can to confine the disease.


MOTHERLY LOVE — Arianna Hansen, right, and her mother, Amy. (Star Eagle photo by Jessica Lutgens)


Staff Writer

Courage can often be found in those one might least expect. 

Such is the case with Arianna Hansen, an 11-year-old fifth-grade student at NRHEG. In 2009, when Arianna was in kindergarten, a MRI revealed a brain tumor on her optic nerve.

“Her left eye had started to spasm,” Arianna’s mother, Amy, explained. “We took her in for an eye exam, and then we went to Rochester for the MRI.”

This type of brain tumor is called optic nerve glioma, and while rare, they almost always occur in children before age 20. In Arianna’s situation, if the tumor were not removed eventually, it would cause her to lose her vision.

At the time, because it is statistically slow-growing, it was thought the tumor likely wouldn’t grow – and if it did, only minimally.

Friends, family pay tribute to one of Geneva’s favorite citizens


SOMETHING’S MISSING — A glass of Guinness, a shot of whiskey and other items were placed at Digger’s usual spot at Geneva Bar and Grill during a recent bar bingo. (Star Eagle photo by Kathy Paulsen)


Staff Writer

This is a difficult story to write.

Difficult because in no way can it do justice to a special man who so warmed our hearts and left us with a vast amount of touching memories.

Leprechauns are special people who roam the world with their spirit full of tricks and laughter. They always smile and make you feel good.

It has been said if you find a leprechaun you will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That certainly holds true for the people in our area. The pot of gold was in the heart of Thomas Desmond Donnelly IV, and the rainbow of happiness always seemed to shine after the rain.

Tom was proud of his Irish heritage and could often be seen wearing green. Following his death, people passing by his home on Central Avenue in Geneva could see a lit green shamrock in one of the front windows.

100 Years Back – 1915

• Our school record for attendance and tardiness has been very bad. During the first two months of school the number of days lost was 289; number of days tardiness 115. In other words during the first two months, the entire school was absent one and one-sixth days, at a cost of $70 to the district. The superintendent will make this appeal to parents: Do not keep pupils out of school for work; also do not make them run errands just before nine o’clock. We are trying to teach pupils punctuality, yet oftentimes parents, by giving children duties to perform which cause them to become tardy, are creating just the opposite habit. Please help the school to establish a better record by insisting that your child makes a perfect attendance record.


STATERS — NRHEG cheerleaders trying out for the All State team were, from left: Nicole Edon, Jessica Nafe, Taylar Tieskotter, Abby Christopherson, Abby Wacholz, Bayli Possin and Lizzy Hagen. (Submitted photo)



If you live around here and you’re paying attention, you already know the NRHEG High School cheerleaders are among the best in the state of Minnesota.

They proved it again Saturday, Oct. 10.

Seven NRHEG seniors tried out for Minnesota All State at Park Center High School. Five made the cut.

“All the girls did an amazing job and we’re very proud of each of them,” said NRHEG cheerleading advisor Kari Buendorf. “They will be learning a new routine with the members of the All State team this winter and then performing at the Minnesota State Cheerleading competition in late January.”