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Pivotal corner, Part II

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(Part Two of two parts.)

The business in this snapshot was full-service for its time 80 years ago: one gravity-feed gas pump and one electric, one kerosene gravity pump (hidden at left), an air hose for tires (center), a can of water for radiators (at right), and an earthen pit for changing oil (covered at right). The all-important out-house was out of sight behind.

You drove in, an attendant arrived with a smile and a question, and you requested a number of gallons or said, “Fill ‘er up with regular.” At 11 cents per gallon of gas, you could sit and watch the windshield get washed, the oil and radiator checked, and maybe a tire kicked for inspection. You’d hand over some money, the attendant went in and came out with your change.

Or the process might be to pay inside and buy a candy bar and/or soda pop for a nickel each, listen to weather talk, endure a joke and repartee, and then be on your way. During the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s you paid less than 20 cents per gallon, average.


In honor of The City of New Richland's 140th anniversary,  Farm & City Days will have a fireworks show Friday, July 7.

Stop by City Hall, The Red Leaf, The Willows, Wagner Foods or The State Bank of New Richland with any donations to help cover the cost. Donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 262 and checks made out to NR Farm & City Days.

The goal is to pay for half and raise donations for half of the cost. Thank you!


The annual Ellendale citywide cleanup has been set for Saturday and Sunday May 6 and 7.

There will be two dumpsters available starting on Saturday and continuing until full (do not leave items on the street) in front of the Maintenance building for City Residents only to dispose of items that will not fit in their trash containers.

Please DO NOT dispose of florescent light fixtures or light bulbs, hazardous materials, tires and yard waste (i.e. leaves & branches) in the dumpster.

There will be a separate trailer for the following items: scrap metal, electrical wiring, small appliances, washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers or any other electronics. Please no TVs or computers and/or monitors.


The Rose Ensemble, a musical group from St. Paul, will be bringing music from its American Roots concert program to New Richland Care Center on Wednesday, May 3. They will perform at 6 p.m.

The hour-long program will feature music drawn from over 100 years of American history. With Shaker tunes, early Bluegrass, old-time Gospel, and Civil War anthems, there will be a little something for everyone...including the chance to sing along on old favorites! The group includes 8 singers plus instrumentalists playing fiddle, guitar, banjo, accordion, and upright bass. 

For more information on The Rose Ensemble, visit


NRHEG Community Education is offering a canning meat, poultry and vegetables class.

This class has been a hit for the last few years. If you thought using the pressure cooker was scary, this class is for you. Join us in learning all about preserving meat and poultry using a pressure canner.

Popular methods of preservation will be covered, as well as proper techniques for using the pressure cooker. Take home ideas and recipes for a variety of different foods. 

• Date: Monday, May 8

• Time: 6:–7:30 p.m.

• Cost: $20

• Location: FACS Room at USC high school

• Instructor: Marilyn Dobberstein

• Register by: May 1

For more information, call Marilyn at 507-417-2667.