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For 42 years, Diane Boelter has delivered with a smile


AVON ALL THE WAY — New Richland resident Diane Boelter doesn’t plan on abdicating her Avon duties anytime soon. There are just too many friends that depend on her. (Star Eagle photo by Rachel Rietsema)


Staff Writer

Some area folks might say Diane Boelter is more prompt than the mailman.

Well, at least that’s what Al Batt has said anyway.

“I’ve been an Avon representative for 42 years,” Boelter said. “Orders can be sent in every two weeks, and I’ve never have missed an order.”

No matter the weather conditions, her faithful customers can always expect magazine or product delivery right on the button.

“I’ve been out there wading up in the snow to my knees before,” Boelter said. “Holidays are especially important.”

But, she doesn’t solely classify these 70 or so women as clients. They have become some of her best friends.

“I really appreciate everyone opening the doors to me, especially when I heard the girls in the café clapping and whooping after being gone for three months,” Boelter said. “Those happy to see you and we-are-out-of-eye-liner comments really meant a lot.”

For Boelter, living the Avon lifestyle for the last four decades has been far more than just makeup and gift items. This routine enabled her to raise a family while working outside the home.

“When my kids were still young, I went out on my route with my youngest son,” Boelter said. “He was only 2 then and some ladies gave him cookies or treats. That helped.”

She also accredits a great deal of her success to her family, especially her husband.

“He is very helpful,” Boelter said. “Once I was laid up with a cast on my leg and he carted me around to everyone’s houses.”

Then, there’s the burning question. The one she never has an answer for.

“My husband and others always ask me when I’m going to slow down,” Boelter said. “And honestly, I have the last couple years. I used to serve 150 customers.”

Not ready to hang it up just yet, the stopping point will remain unknown and irrelevant. Because as she has so solemnly concluded, what’s another year going to hurt?

“I always used to say, ‘one more year,’” Boelter said.  “Then I said, ‘I’ll stop at 20.’ Then it was 25. Now I haven’t said that for a long time. I’m just going to wing it now.”

This come-what-may attitude has always applied to her selling philosophy as well.

“I never force anybody to buy,” Boelter said. “I always tell them that if they need something to order. But if they don’t, don’t worry about it. I’ll be back in two weeks.”

And back she will be, with even more products to peruse, a wide selection she describes as always reasonable and “very in style.”

“I think jewelry has really added a lot to Avon,” Boelter said. “By no means is Avon behind with anything.”

Also worth sampling are the skin products tailored for all ages. But, that’s not all.

“There are fragrances for men and women, gift items, clothing, shoes, bath products, undergarments, and much more," Boelter said. “This week, I’m introducing hair coloring too.”

Next year, she also plans to proudly present many more product newbies and oldies.

“Many years ago, my name appeared in the USA Today paper for high sales,” Boelter said. “All my Avon accomplishments are important to me.”

So are the connections she has formed over the last 42 years.

“I would miss my friends if I quit selling,” Boelter said.

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