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Lori Crumb wins first-quarter award


SHINING STAR — CNA Lori Crumb (left) chats with Loretta Pautsch at the New Richland Care Center. Crumb was recently chosen NRCC’s “Shining Star of the Quarter” for first quarter 2012. She has worked at the center for almost 11 years. (Star Eagle photo by Jody Wynnemer)


Staff Writer

It takes a special kind of person to be a health care provider, as caring for the elderly presents presents its own special challenges. Meeting those challenges often falls on the shoulders of the staff of a nursing home or care facility. 

This specially-trained group of individuals have to deal with a variety of daily needs of our most senior citizens, and some are not easy.

The New Richland Care Center has a program in place which recognizes a staff member for their accomplishments over a three-month period. It is called the “Shining Star of the Quarter.” Recently the care center recognized Lori Crumb, a Certified Nursing Assistant, for the distinction of the first quarter 2012 Shining Star.

“We appreciate all of our staff,” said Mikenzi Hebel, NR Care Center Administrator. “We wanted to recognize those who go beyond and show our appreciation. The great thing about our program is that the co-workers nominate and choose who they think is deserving.”

Lori Crumb has been on the NRCC staff for almost 11 years. She and her husband Brett, who reside near Hartland, have four children which include daughters Valerie and Jackie and sons Matthew and Jason.

“And two grandsons,” said Crumb. 

She earned her CNA certification through classes given at the care center. In her spare time she enjoys time spent in her flower garden, cooking, baking, crafts and an annual vacation.

Crumb briefly explained a typical day in her shoes at the care center.

“After arriving for my shift, I attend a meeting,” said Crumb. “We find out which residents may have appointments for that day. Then we hit the floor, getting everyone dressed and ready for breakfast. We update medical charts and help everyone to exercise or participate in the many activities that are going on.”

Needless to say, Crumb has quite a bit of interaction with people and that is the part of her job she likes the most.

“I like to socialize with the residents,” said Crumb. “Some of them have told me they consider me part of their family. It really touches your heart.”

Crumb says she has worked at other jobs during her time, but finds this one the most rewarding.

“I’ve had other jobs,” said Crumb. “I love this one. The staff really helps each other out when it is needed. The residents like it here and I like it here.”  

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