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As the Sleigh and Cutter festival draws near, you could win some cold, hard cash.

Up to $1,250 is waiting to be won. Someone in Waseca County has been chosen to be “Frosty,” an ambassador for the festival. All you need to do is follow the clues and try to guess who Frosty is. Even if you don’t know everyone, by following the clues you may gather enough information to win some big money. Possible tools that may help you cash in are the internet, Google, dictionaries and the love of puzzles.

Culligan Water Conditioning of Waseca has been a long-time supporter of the Frosty contest. Additional sponsors are Latham Place of Waseca, iWealth, Domino’s Pizza and Mediacom. The grand prize is $250 in cash, to the person who can identify Frosty and is determined to be the Grand Prize winner by the judges. If you are determined the winner and are present during the unmasking of Frosty at 9:30 p.m. during the Sleigh and Cutter Dance at the VFW in Waseca, you will get a $50 cash bonus from Culligan of Waseca. That is a total of $300.

Again this year: $100 to the first person from Janesville, the first person from New Richland and the first person from Waseca who correctly guesses Frosty and submits their entry in their respective towns. (See where to drop off your entries under Rule No. 9) Judges decision is final.

Here’s how the contest works:

1) Through February 8, a new clue will be published in the Waseca County News each Wednesday as well as in the NRHEG Star Eagle. Clues will also be available at the Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce and at and on the Waseca County News Facebook page. KOWZ/KRUE Radio will also broadcast the clues.

2) Each contestant is allowed only one guess per week.

3) Contestant must be 18 years of age.

4) Contestant must live in Waseca County.

5) If more than one entrant guesses Frosty’s identity, a drawing from all of the correct entries will be held during the unveiling of Frosty on February 10. Four names will be drawn for $50 each and the winner must be present during the unmasking to win. Four more names will be drawn for $50 each and the winners need not be present to win these. This is a total of eight $50 winners.

6) If there are no correct entries, a drawing will be held from all entries received.

7) Entries must be received by 3 p.m. on Friday, Februrary 10.

8) The decision of the judges will be final.

9) To enter your guess, if you live in Waseca: mail it to the Golden Touch Salon, 110 South State St., or drop it off in person during business hours. If you live in Janesville: mail it to the Golden Touch Salon or drop it off in person during business hours and mark the ballot, “Janesville.” If you live in New Richland, your entry can be dropped off at the office of the Star Eagle during business hours.

The first clue:

The time has come to seek me out, the hints I’ll give should help you out.

Three more clues will come your way, so waste no time and start today.

I was born and raised in Waseca town, but I have lived all around.

A few small towns have been my home, but across the border I also roamed.

I’ve done some coaching in my years, basketball, track and softball, lots of cheers.

One more clue, my age you ask, I was born before 1960 had passed.

The second clue:

I come from a larger family as you will soon see, where there is a mom a dad, five siblings and and me.

There were more girls than boys in our family nest, now put on your thinking caps and figure the rest.

You may be wondering if I am a boy or a girl, just start your guessing and give it a whirl.

While attending college I met the perfect catch, a friend introduced us and thought we were a good match.

Now more than 30 years later and kids of my own, I'm busy as ever, this is well known.

The third clue:

Now if you're still wondering who I could be, maybe you’ll get it with clue number 3.

A Scarlet, a Bluejay, a Maverick and more, the places I've been have opened the door.

Two boys have left and one is at home, the halls of Waseca is where I now Roam.

The fourth clue:

Well here it is...your final clue, this should be easy for you to guess who.

Education is important-and not by chance, if you keep studying your're bound to advance.

By now you should know me so get your guess in, the faster the better are your chances to win.

The principal reason behind this silly game, is for all of you to guess my name.

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