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It probably seems like the most senseless thing you can do, and you are probably right, but not for me.  Who in their right mind would cut apart a beautiful picture into 50, 100 or 1000 pieces and then struggle to put it back together again?

Problem solvers, that’s who!

You might say I have an addiction to jigsaw puzzles.

There is usually one in process of being completed on my mother’s bar in the corner of the kitchen.  Sometimes they are easy, other times often incredibly complex and hard. They are a diversion, a time out, a chance to give yourself time to think about something different, or a time to think of nothing at all but the task at hand.

You can learn a lot from the process of completing a puzzle. Think of how much better the world would or could be if we looked at it like we do a puzzle. I hope each one of us would find all the pieces needed, and then help to make them fit our lives, where we fit in and where we fit into the big picture. It would help complete our lives and make this a better world.

If you look back at the whole picture as a pile of individual pieces it is almost overwhelming, though you find yourself wanting to get busy and start putting them together. Each of us has our own style of “puzzling,” but most start with the “edge” pieces. The edges are the framework in which we seek to fit the pieces of lives.

Picture the puzzle of the world as it is today. Yes, we are all enclosed in that border and if each one country, or person, did their part to put the pieces of their world together, with the pieces all fitting together, wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Back to our own family scene. The puzzle is there. Sometimes we make ourselves find at least one piece to put in place each day. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience, but we make it. Some days the pieces fit so easily and sometimes they are almost impossible, to the point you would like to chuck it all back in the box and give up. Sometimes looking at the pieces from a different angle makes a big difference. By twisting and turning, comparing the colors, and going back and looking at the whole picture, it really helps to solve the situation. I am talking puzzles, but I am thinking life.

My grandmother used to say, “Give me a scissor and I’ll make it fit.” It was funny, but it was not the answer. Doing the wrong thing, or taking the easy way out wouldn’t solve the problem or situation. It is just frustrating at times to leave things the way they are instead of  working in a way to make them as they should be.

Life is a puzzle. But it is workable if we truly try. It is all in how you look at it and do your share to make the picture perfect.

Such is life. 

— — —

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, October 2nd: Laurie Jensen, Taya Richards, Amanda Hullopeter, Makayla Vangen, David Lembke, Christopher Bergerson, Adrian Jensen, Allen Jensen, Andrea Zamora, Wilma Ditlevson, Dawn Hanna, Chuck & LuAnn Hanson, Amy & Alex Kromminga, Brooke & Tim Krohn, Brody & Katie Richards, Bob & Kathy Hanson

• Friday, October 3rd: David Bunn, Lori Neidermeier, Dawn Enzenauer, Colette Holmes, Carrie Thompson, Wendy Thostenson Bogen, Paul Wayne, Lisa Zabel, Edna Thomas

• Saturday, October 4th: Susan Cornelius Wehr, Helen Jagusch Mantahei, Skyler Hanson, Clair Clausen, Michelle Lageson, Jerome Simon, Dale Waage, Jeff Waage, Lori Zabel, Matt Redmon, John & Cynthia Nelson, Krista & Randy Baana

• Sunday, October 5th: Kijah Joy Mikesell, Bethany Otto, Graciela Solveig Ortiz, Larry Pence, Karen Wiersma, Julie Cornelius, Jamie Farr, Elizabeth Randall, Peggy Sorenson, Linda Harding, Karen Kasper, Ray & Bunny Jepson, Jim & Pat Lyle, Wayne & Jo Schimek, Mandi & Darren Johannsen, Doug & Deb Braaten

• Monday, October 6th: Evan Matthew Beckman, Mesa Jo Grace Krause, Jackson Wyatt Lageson, Mark Plunkett, Marlin Beckman, Kaira Glienke, Melissa Horan, Aurie Brighton, Caden Reichl, Gail Turvold, Julie Born Beenken, Scott Holmes, Tait Misgen, Cindy Kasper Johnson, Jayme & Ryan Paulson

• Tuesday, October 7th: Ethan Hullopeter (2014) Candace Lageson Baker, Carolyn Weller, Jason Huber, Todd Wayne, Debbie David, Garrett Briggs, Jill Bergdale, Kris Strenge, John & Ellen Hanson, Denise & Jerry Abbott, Jamie & Brian Riley, Pat & Barb O'Conner

• Wednesday, October 8th: Axel Schlaak (2014) Mandy Moon, Lauren Olivia Sommers, Haley Hanson, Barb Hagen, Barb Dobberstein, Barb Strenge, Mary Kay Spurr, Brad Anderson, Doug Anderson, Hazel Spiering, Daniel Paulson, Kay Nelson, Julie & Brian Dahl

• Thursday, October 9th: Matt Kubiatowicz, Joshua Kasper, Cheryl Paulsen Wilson, Randy Mucha, Nancy Jo Anderson, Ashley Hove, Keith Neidermeier, Dennis Blouin

• Friday, October 10th: Pat Goodnature, Trevin Stollard, Aarin Gray Pirsig, his 2nd; Eric Anderson, Nicole Anderson Loken, Luverne Hamor, Haley Hanson, LeRoy Ingvaldson, Nicole Lonning, Betty DeRaad, Elena Grace Spande

• Saturday, October 11th: Alisha Moody, Reed Michael Kath, Mitchell Edwards, Ebonie Mullenmaster, Mayro Leak Kubista, Melissa Otto, Jenna Swearingen, Mike Trumble, Cory McGrath, Shawna Besco, John Cyr, Alisha Moody, Lee & Jody Loverink

May all of your favorite things be within reach?  Have a wonderful day!

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