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As you read this column, Genie and I are in the north woods (supposedly I’m deer hunting). Genie doesn’t hunt deer, so the entire deer season is a great socializing event for her. Of course, being a good hubby, I get to do a lot of socializing as well—in doing a random survey with the deer, they think I should just socialize.

After writing the column about Genie’s “she shed,” I thought I should write a column about a “man cave.” The more unusual the man cave, the better. I accidentally discovered a very unusual man cave on the fifth floor of an Albert Lea building overlooking the city.

You must have an appointment to see the man cave. While observing the man cave, he has a person watching your every move. You are given a uniform and asked to lay on a table with a pillow while carrying on a conversation as soon as you enter the man cave.

The man cave is a good-sized room at his place of business. Thus, viewing hours are business hours—Monday through Friday except for recognized holidays.

It took some doing, but I got an appointment to see his man cave with another person observing me. The man cave had no TV, no soft couch, no portable bar, no refrigerator with snacks, no cigars; very different than the usual man cave. It had a lot of football-related items, many of them autographed. Most of the items pertained to the Vikings professional football team.

How did I get the appointment to see this unusual man cave? One of the ‘Ritis brothers (Art) decided to settle in my left calf. And now you know how I got to see the very unusual “man cave” of Dr. Michael Eckstrom, orthopedic surgeon.


Short Shorts:

A. The man cave of Dr. Eckstrom is just as I have described it (some people call it a waiting room).

B. At age 70 (give or take five years), it becomes a lot easier to drop things and a lot harder to pick them up.

C. Phone number (951) 262-3062 is waiting for your call regardless of your age.

D. Dr. Eckstrom, a native of Iowa, is now a full-fledged member of the “Minnesota Nice” club.

E. The day before the first snowfall of the season, Oct. 26, there was an avian frenzy at our bird feeders.


Bob is a retired AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans) agent, currently working on his master’s degree in Volunteering. His wife, Genie, is a retired RN, currently working on her doctor’s degree in Volunteering. They have two children, Deb in North Carolina, and Dan in Vermont. Bob says if you enjoy his column, let him know. If you don’t enjoy it, keep on reading, it can get worse. Words of wisdom: There is always room for God.

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