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I know most of you are aware that the best thing to come out of Iowa is I35. Who you don’t know is the best lady to come out of Iowa on I35, who happened to become a resident of Minnesota.

She got married the same day she left Iowa. In fact, she got married twice that day. This happened because the Lutheran pastor had the best man sign as the groom and then he caught the error and had the groom sign as the groom – thus she was, for a short time, married to the best man and then married to the groom, making her married twice in the same day.

After 50-plus years of being a Minnesota resident, she decided her birthday celebration should be a weeklong affair, every year starting this year.

Sunday, she served fresh fruit, sweet rolls, plus beverage (while announcing it was her birthday week) to fellow church members attending the coffee hour.

Monday, she enjoyed a birthday luncheon at Applebee’s in Albert Lea.

Tuesday, a McDonald’s lunch takeout, followed by a picnic at Fountain Lake Park in Albert Lea.

Wednesday, coffee and cupcakes with friends in the morning followed by working a three-hour shift in the coffee shop at the hospital. The evening, the actual day of her birthday, meal was at Trumbles in Albert Lea with her husband and another birthday girl. 

Thursday was a morning of coffee and goodies. The evening was a celebration with Domino’s pizza.

Friday was a birthday luncheon at the Old Mill in Austin with her husband. Lunch was topped off with a sundae and two spoons.

Saturday was a noon picnic type lunch at the American Legion in Albert Lea. Sweet corn was delivered to her house in the p.m.

In a week of birthday celebrating she ate food fro 11 different sources. She received: 21 birthday cards, seven telephone calls, three e-mails, three house visitors, three gift cards, a cyclamen plant and many hugs.

The above was from people in six states, plus the Minnesota–Canada border. Even the weatherman was involved by letting it rain only at night.

I have known this great lady for 54 birthdays and 52 anniversaries.

By now most of you readers have figured out who this week long birthday lady is. Just in case you haven’t, she goes by the handle of “Genie.”

In case you want to say hi, Genie will be working the big bash Monday evening September 21 at Central Freeborn Lutheran Church. (The soup and pie supper.)

Her 2016 weeklong birthday celebration will be Sunday, Aug. 7 through Saturday Aug.13. You are welcome to take part if you wish.


Bob is a retired AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans) agent, currently working on his master’s degree in Volunteering. His wife, Genie, is a retired RN, currently working on her doctor’s degree in Volunteering. They have two children, Deb in North Carolina, and Dan in Vermont. Bob says if you enjoy his column, let him know. If you don’t enjoy it, keep on reading, it can get worse. Words of wisdom: There is always room for God.

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