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Three Wise Men from the East decided to do a three-day pilgrimage to the West and return. (Bob Goete from Austin, Bob Hanson from Albert Lea and Paul Proft from Owatonna were the Three Wise Men.)

After leaving late in the day on a Sunday, they would stay at the halfway point, being Jackpot Junction Hotel in Morton, MN.

They had a holiday coupon that was good for a $45 hotel rate with $10 free play for each plus a B.O.G.O. (Buy One Get One Buffet Dinner Free).

Departure from Jackpot was early Monday morning, to arrive at their destination of Artie’s Fish House Rental on Big Stone Lake in Ortonville, MN by noon. The reason being, Big Stone Lake is the hottest perch fishery in Minnesota.

They had a face fish house reserved from Monday noon until Wednesday noon. The Fish House had bunk beds, LP heat, indoor plumbing, stove for cooking, six holes, TV – you name it. The only thing missing was the Three Wise Men!

The closer the departure date, the more excited the Three Wise Men were to go.

On Friday, before the Sunday departure, Artie called. He wanted to know if the Wise Men could walk on water, as there was about three inches of water on the lake plus the shore ice was gone. Their answer was, they knew a guy who could, but they couldn’t.

Artie volunteered to let them each have a jet ski to go out on the lake fishing. The wise men declined the offer; thus the pilgrimage was cancelled.

The Three Wise Men were certain that the cancellation was due to global warming.

They decided to hold a Global Warming Summit (like the Pheasant Summit held December 13 at Marshall, MN), to make global warming illegal during the hard-water fishing season in Minnesota.

The summit will be held February 29, 2015 at the Holiday Inn of Owatonna. Cabela’s of Owatonna will help host the summit, with Beaver Lake in Steele County the demonstration lake for ice-fishing-related summit programs.

For info and registration go to

Your input and donations will be put to the solving of global warming.

Thank you in advance, 

The Three Wise Men, 

Bob, Bob and Paul.

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