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In our two months of eating out since our house fire, we have eaten at just about every food establishment in Albert Lea. Based on our being middle class, this is what we have found to be to our liking. 

Breakfast — The sunshine yellow Knight’s Inn Motel for the price, quality and friendliness of the employees is number one. 

Lunch — The Big Island Grille and Bar going through the soup and salad bar with a hot popover Monday thru Friday, getting two for one is number one.

Coffee — McDonalds has the best coffee especially considering the price a senior pays.

Evening Meal — Trumble’s is our favorite mainly because of the local atmosphere — especially anytime the owners are present.

When it comes to doing our weekly laundry — the laundromat on East Main on the South side of the street is top dog. The senior lady running it is a real people pleaser. 

I must give credit to most of the employees in Albert Lea as we have found only a few rude employees. (The kind that are too busy with non-job related things.) Genie did walk out of one store where the long cell phone conversation was more important than the customer.

How about it Steele County? If Waseca County can look at a rain garden at St. Olaf Lake Park, as per the plan presented by Hugh Valiant, can Steele County look at a rain garden at Beaver Lake? The purpose of a rain garden is to capture runoff; letting it settle before it empties into the lake.

Alpha is the beginning; Omega is the end. All life has a beginning and an end. AARP is considered an elderly group of over-the-hill senior citizens who are past the beginning (Alpha,) and are approaching the end (Omega.) There is a business person in Hollandale nearing this point in life — in fact he will reach it June 4th as he becomes an AARP eligible member by turning the “Big 50.” Dale Miller just mmight know who this person is!

I’m fed up with all the mail solicitations for money. I’m gathering five or six and driving with them over to the local cemetery. Once there, I print, “In the cemetery now,” and mail it. So far, no response back.

Look at the back side of a Culver’s menu. Listed as coming soon is a Culver’s in Hartland!

A local high school English teacher tells me in about 10 years there will no longer be a spelling bee. I asked her to explain. She hands me a piece of paper after printing the following on it:


She tells me that was a question and an answer in today’s world of texting. She refused to decipher into my English and explained this is the current way of spelling, thus goodbye spelling bee. Can you decipher the above? (I had a 13-year-old girl translate as I couldn’t.)

A few trivia items:

• Lanesboro is the bed and breakfast capital of Minnesota.

• The shortest Bible verse is “Jesus wept.”

• “Circle Me Bert” was the featured program at Central-North-East Freeborn Brotherhood a number of years ago.

• Go to to proofread this article.

• Sign seen on rummage sale picnic table. “For sale — ants are free.”

• Bring a golf club to Target Field when going to a Twins game for the golf ball-size hail. 

 — — —

Bob is a retired AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans) agent. His wife, Genie, is a retired RN, currently working on her doctor’s degree in volunteering. They have two children, Deb in North Carolina, and Dan in Vermont. This is the Hanson’s 36th summer at Beaver Lake. They leave the lake in mid-October to go south — to Albert Lea — and return in April. Bob says if you enjoy his article, let him know. If you don’t enjoy it, keep on reading, it can get worse. Words of Wisdom: There is always room for God. 

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