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Genie and I are leading an unusual lifestyle. We arise by 7 a.m. and head for breakfast in the dining room. (Serving is until 10 a.m. Monday through Friday and until 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday). After breakfast, our hectic day starts with all kinds of fire-related things. We should be out of the golden yellow building motel on East Main Street in Albert Lea by May 1st.

Our home in Albert Lea is a work in progress. The attic insulation is being replaced, various other things are being changed along with an entirely new kitchen (walls, ceiling, floor, plus all new appliances.)

At first we were very unhappy with our insurance company (All State.) We were later assigned to a young lady claim service adjuster by the name of Ann Hawkins. Ann jumped right in, raised cane and things are now living up to the slogan of All State. (You’re in good hands.)

The food employees have all been on the scale of one to ten with ten being the highest, and they are eleven! Food servers Pam, Lisa and Jeri can read your mind after they have taken your breakfast order once. When you return again, cooks super Steve and Kim have prepared just what we ordered and it tastes good. In case you think this is fiction, stop in for breakfast at the landmark yellow motel building on East Main Street in Albert Lea.

The maintenance guys of Little Brad and Chuck are a riot. Their appearance reminds me of Mutt and Jeff (one short and one tall.) The big difference is these two get things done.

Jeannie at RSVP of Albert Lea is a faithful reader of this article. Thanks, Jeannie.

The Mother-Daughter Banquet was held at Central Freeborn Lutheran Church (my church) with 150 attending. Of 150 attending, 145 were daughters and the other five were young boys. President Eunice and the other ladies put on a very good show. The theme was food related with Chef Ole (me) as greeter and his helpers (Swen, Lars, Thor, Arne, Nels and Little Ole) as waiters. Lena was the dining room hostess. The main dish was wood pile hotdish created by Chef Ole. The program was Janet Letnes Martin of Church Basement Ladies fame.

A big event here at the golden yellow building is the Spring Bluegrass Festival Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 15-17, 2011. Genie and I plan on attending some of it. For information call the Knights Inn at (507) 369-5210.

F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely on God) of Central Freeborn Lutheran Church has booked a 56-passenger bus plus 56 tickets for Lutheran Night at the Twins vs. Baltimore Monday, Aug. 22 and Tuesday, Aug. 23, with one bus each day. At this point we don’t know the cost or where the seats will be until the first part of May.

Question of the day at Hanson Tire in Albert Lea: “What’s wrong with employee Bob?” Answer: His grandson had his tonsils removed!

Food for thought: You know, the odd thing about rare events is that they sometimes happen.

Trivia: Liz Taylor honeymooned after her first marriage, at the Hotel Albert in Albert Lea. Ken has now joined Barbie as an AARP member. She is 52 and he is 50.

Sunday April 24, “Hosannah, He is risen.” 

 — — —

Bob is a retired AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans) agent. His wife, Genie, is a retired RN, currently working on her doctor’s degree in volunteering. They have two children, Deb in North Carolina, and Dan in Vermont. This is the Hanson’s 35th summer at Beaver Lake. They leave the lake in mid-October to go south — to Albert Lea — and return in April. Bob says if you enjoy his article, let him know. If you don’t enjoy it, keep on reading, it can get worse. Words of Wisdom: There is always room for God. 

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