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Fishing opener Saturday, May 12 was very slow at Beaver Lake for walleyes. The largest number of boats at one time was 14 counting the Steele County Water Patrol Boat. And, I’m aware of only three walleyes caught with the biggest weighing not quite 4 pounds.

An early morning temperature of 44 degrees was ideal for deer hunters. I saw two such characters dressed in blaze orange. Not only did they not get a shot, they never saw a four-legged deer. One hunter remarked that he was staying home the next day with a great two-legged dear. (Mother’s Day)

There are four sources of runoff water into Beaver Lake: Two field tile, one small creek and an overflow from a slough. After almost five inches of rain, water is entering from all four sources. When this happens, the lake level rises two inches for every inch of rain. Because the ground was so dry, the five inches of rain only raised the lake level two inches.

There are several springs, the biggest being in about 18 feet of water in sand bottom. This spring is between the two buoy markers and out farther in Beaver Lake.

On May 8, I saw the first proud parents of baby geese. The 5 babies were about a week old. They enjoyed a short green manicured lawn here at the lake. One good thing is their droppings aren’t very big. Sad to say the droppings get bigger! Reminds me of that song “Slip Slidin’ Away.”

Swen, Ole and Nels decided they would try their luck fishing for lutefisk on fishing opener. They started fishing at sunup (6 a.m.). They fished and fished, but no luck. They heard the noon whistle and decided it was pizza time. After some bantering back and forth, they agreed on Supreme Pizza. Nels said he is a great lover of pizza and he wanted an equal share. 

Sven is one sharp Norwegian. On his cell phone, he ordered three Supreme Pizzas cut exactly in half and delivered to the Beaver Lake boat landing. The three pizzas cut exactly in half were delivered. How many slices did Lars get?

The next Saturday, they decided to try their luck at Beaver Lake for lutefisk again. Same “ting,” not even the smell of one. The noon whistle sounded and again they decided on three Supreme Pizzas delivered to the boat landing. Nels wanted smaller slices. Swen called the order in, with each pizza cut in exactly four equal slices. The three pizzas cut in exactly four equal slices were delivered. How many slices did Lars get?

One more Saturday. Same “ting,” only Nels wanted smaller slices. Swen called in the order with each pizza cut in exactly eight slices. How many slices did Lars get this time?

Readers, unless your answer was the same each time for the number of slices Lars got, enroll in the Remedial Reading course taught through your local adult community education program.

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Bob is a retired AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans) agent. His wife, Genie, is a retired RN, currently working on her doctor’s degree in volunteering. They have two children, Deb in North Carolina, and Dan in Vermont. This is the Hanson’s 37th summer at Beaver Lake. They leave the lake in mid-October to go south — to Albert Lea — and return in April. Bob says if you enjoy his article, let him know. If you don’t enjoy it, keep on reading, it can get worse. Words of Wisdom: There is always room for God. 

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