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Last week I was able to to spend some time up north at our cabin and, while the weather wasn’t ideal for fishing, it was ideal for spending time catching up on a few things that needed doing. The first day was wet windy and cool, but that soon changed. By mid-morning the following day it was sunny and warm ,but still breezy. Little did I know , it would be the last time that week that there would be a breeze.

After I pretty much finished with the things I wanted to work on, it was time for a little fishing. I didn’t bring the big boat this time because I was alone and I get a certain amount of satisfaction when fishing out of my little 12-foot boat. The boat has a 5-1/2 hp Evinrude Sport Twin, which was put together in 1959. The motor hadn’t been used since last fall but that little motor fired up on the second pull. I decided to try a lake I had never fished before and trolled the shoreline of that lake for about three hours without so much as a sputter. Hopefully I will not be jinxing it by saying what a sweet motor that is.

Sunny skies, warm temperatures and absolutely no breeze does not make for very good fishing on those clear, deep, Northern Minnesota lakes. I did manage to catch a couple of pike, four bass and a few perch so I avoided the dreaded “skunk” once again. I had one pike on that was a pretty decent fish, but when I got it to the boat the fish shot straight out of the water and spit out my lure. I managed to reach out with the net and catch it on the way down but alas, as I went to hoist the net into the boat, the fish once again leapt into the air and escaped the net. While I was fighting that fish an eagle flew low right over me and my little boat; at first I took that as a good sign, but after the fish escaped I was not so sure.

My oldest grandson Trevor and his uncles Travis and Jeremy were at Lake Vermilion last weekend for a bachelor party and to do a little fishing. Travis told Trevor’s mother it was so hot with no wind that fishing was terrible. Couple those conditions with the mayfly hatch that was going on and it made for some very poor fishing. I wonder what you could do at a bachelor party if the fish aren’t biting?

Some area folks have been having pretty decent luck without even leaving town. I saw a picture my friend Mark put on Facebook of some nice sunnies and a walleye he and his brother Larry caught somewhere on Fountain Lake last week. Now that looked like the makings of a mighty tasty meal.

The past couple of Sunday afternoons I have been able to spend a little family time watching my sons and grandsons play tennis at Frank Hall Park. I really enjoy this time and it is good to see both the tennis and pickle ball courts being used. We have been enjoying a pretty nice summer and folks are taking advantage of that by using the walking and bike trails along with tennis, basketball and pickle ball courts. We have so many nice parks in our city that are there for family picnics or to just sit back and take in what nature has to offer. I myself am planning on doing a little shore fishing this weekend with my granddaughter Emma. Hopefully Grandpa can find a panfish or two we can entice to take the bait. Taking a kid fishing is definitely a rewarding experience and if a young kid catches a fish or two they will usually be “hooked” on that great outdoors experience.

Just an observation: the other day I had occasion to visit the local Wal-Mart store whose parking lot sometimes seems to resemble truck stop. As I maneuvered through the lot and turned down a row that had the same-way parking on both sides, a person suddenly turned and started going “against the grain.” I’d guess she just didn’t want to waste any of her valuable time and as she passed by she gave me a look like it was my fault she was going the wrong way. I know we all make mistakes, but I also know most of us are capable of getting through life without yellow lines and arrows to guide our every move. I believe that’s what we refer to as “common sense.” Most of the folks who drive the streets of our fair city are courteous and considerate when it comes to the other guy, but there are always a few that will make life interesting.

In today’s world things sometimes seem to be moving way too fast and I believe it is good to take a little time to slow down and actually enjoy the moment. I’m not saying we should be that guy who goes 15 mph and rides the brake before every intersection, but it would be nice if we could slow down enough to actually enjoy the ride.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. Until next time, enjoy the summer and take advantage of the weather ,but most of all just get out and spend a little time in the great Minnesota outdoors.

Please remember to keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers because they are the reason we are able to enjoy all the freedoms that we have today.

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