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The scurs were right in assuming they’d connected the cables for the Weather Eye incorrectly. Hot is cold and vice-versa. Sorta like those faucets some amateur plumber at a gas station hooked up. Will they switch the cables or continue to live on the edge for a white Christmas forecast? Starting Wednesday, cloudy and breezy with a modest chance of snow. Highs in the low 30’s and lows in the low 20’s. Christmas Day, mostly cloudy with a slight chance of snow. Highs near freezing and lows in the mid-20’s. Cloudy and colder with a slight chance for snow on Friday. Highs in the low 20’s and lows in the low single digits. Saturday, mostly sunny with a high in the upper teens and lows near 5. Mostly cloudy on Sunday with a chance for flurries. Highs in the upper teens and lows in the upper single digits. Monday, partly cloudy with a few flurries possible. Highs in the low 20’s and lows near 10. Continued cold on Tuesday with some occasional sunshine. Highs in the upper teens and lows in the mid-single digits. The normal high for Christmas Day is 24 and the normal low is 6. The scurs will be trying to find a sunny day so they can start Christmas shopping.

A dusting of snow last week made for a semi-white Christmas in spots if you look hard enough. Come press time however we may see enough to qualify as white although the accumulations forecast are not heavy for this area of MN. There’s time for that to change however. Just in case, several have mentioned putting snowblowers on and I may even decide to put the chains on the tractor. That usually is enough to make sure it won’t snow much. Some last minute tillage was accomplished last week in area fields following the thaw once the ground froze again allowing for better traction. A season that started with much promise is finally in the books for many. 

A fellow weather freak sent me this link to a story from Science Daily detailing the activity of golden-winged warblers ahead of a major storm. Over the many years, I’ve noticed bird and animal behavior that seems to be weather related. For instance, the cardinal’s appearance at the ranch has been linked to recent precipitation events and the sheep seem to be able to detect rainfall before it arrives or is about to pass. Sometimes they’re just hungry so it doesn’t matter. While the article takes some liberty with presumptions about bird behavior related to climate change, the gist of the matter is that bird activity is indeed a harbinger of things to come, sometimes anyway. 141218131413.htm

Around the yard at the ranch we continue to see sparse appearances of winter birds. A new “squirrel proof” feeder (believe it when I see it) has been employed and so far it has worked. Even the birds haven’t eaten out of it yet. It will take them a while to get used to it. It was time to make another attempt anyway after the squirrels finished off the last one by chewing through the cable. I guess if you’re a squirrel and have lots of free time that’s what you do. While watching for activity on the new feeder, we spied what is likely to be a Little Jerry progeny. This rooster pheasant was definitely one of the longest tailed models spotted in a long time. He came out of the plumb and sumac thicket then over to the brush pile. Then back to the plumb thicket. Yup, definitely a Little Jerry relative.

Was questioned by one of Al Batt’s Bruce’s the other day concerning the progress of the Studebaker restoration. Not much has happened since seeing 5 out of 6 exhaust valves stuck open back in June. A decision was made to have the engine overhauled however and a gentleman who works on flathead Fords in Mankato has been contacted. Interestingly enough, this particular Bruce was once a Studebaker salesman and mentioned the ’61 Lark VI that the dealer allowed him to use. According to him it was a well-made little car and he enjoyed driving it. I don’t doubt that a bit. The ’60 Lark VI was the same way and the ’61 should’ve been an improvement with the OHV Skybolt Six engine Studebaker put in it. The 1960 Lark VI still had a flathead six with its origins from their 1939 Champion model. If there’s been one common theme on this project though, it’s that the Studebaker folks I’ve run across loved their cars and are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. 

Had the good fortune recently to attend not one but two Gopher women’s basketball games. Anything other than working sounded good after last weekend. Within a few minutes of each other last Friday I had two offers to go to The Barn and was able to accept both. First from friends whose company we enjoy and another from none other than Vista’s noted Swedish astronomer. It’s been cloudy so he had some free time on his hands. Can’t remember having more fun at a place that brings back memories along with people we have come to cherish. The icing on the cake was the Gophers and Carlie won both games! Gotta love it when a plan comes together.

Last but not least, presents for the NRHEG Star Eagle staff. Not sure if I’m missing anyone so don’t feel left out if I do. For Reed, a 1939 Superman comic book. Not as fun to look at as what Reed draws but worth some ching. For Jim, a discount on haircuts. I know Jim, my day is coming. Leo still likes to trick me by flipping the mirror over and showing me the back side of it when he’s done. For Tracy, memory pills and a note pad. If you write it down you’ll know when to take them. For Nicole, sweets for the sweet. Some of my signature hand-dipped pretzels, sans Ruby hair of course. For Al Batt, my old “squirrel proof” birdfeeder. I am a ‘re-gifter”. Works well especially if you don’t have any squirrels. For Kugie, my Sid Hartman bobblehead doll. I predict he and Don White will someday take over the Dave Mona and Sid Hartman show on ‘CCO.

Merry Christmas!

See you next week…real good then.  

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