The NRHEG High School clay target team held its fall awards banquet on Thursday, Nov. 16 in the commons at the school.

Eighty-two parents and athletes celebrated a successful fall season as they ate, watched a 2017 year-in-review slide show, and helped recognize individual awards. For the fall season there were 21 lettewinners out of the 44-person team. To letter, an athlete must have an average of 20 out of 25 or better and compete in at least four of the five weeks of competitions. The team also recognized the eight athletes who finished in the top 25 averages for their conference in both boys’ and girls’ categories.

For the guys, Evan Dobberstein (3rd), Alex Romer (5th), Ashton Worke (11th), Noah Alinder (11th), Alex Dobberstien (22nd) and Clay Stenzel (22nd) each received a trophy to mark their achievement.  Also receiving top 25 trophies were Morgan Sack (23rd) and Hanna Sack (24th).

Finally, the team announced their Most Improved Shooter and their Top Gun. Hanna Sack became the first female to receive the Most Improved shooter with her average increase of over 274% from the start of the season to the end. The Top Gun award went to Evan Dobberstein, who shot an outstanding 24 out of 25 targets on average each week.

A huge thank you goes out to the team’s sponsors, the Owatonna Gun Club and our team of volunteer coaches, Dan Sorum, Kim Olson, Al Kraay, Neal Pederson, Dawn Raatz, and Steve Raatz.