NRHEG ends regular season with highest weekly point total in conference

As the cooler weather started to set in, it was time for the marksmen from the NRHEG clay target team to take to the range one last week.

Coming into the week they had a lock on third place in the conference, but a large gap to move into second place. The team answered the challenge with the highest point total for a week of any team the conference this season.

While it wasn't enough to move them up, it was a fine exclamation mark on the season in a conference that was an outstanding challenge from the first week to the last.

The team was led by its top shooter, Evan Dobberstein, with a perfect round of 25 and a round of 24 for a total 49/50 for the night. He was joined by 10 other shooters who turned in a range of scores from 45 to 48, all of which were in the top 20 scores for the week. This was combined with a team-low counting score that was higher than any yet this season to set the mark for a single week of shooting for any team in Conference 15.

"We may not have moved up in the standings," said NRHEG coach Dan Sorum, "But we certainly made the best effort we could have in the attempt."

Other shooters recording a perfect round of 25 were Clay Stenzel and Charlle Pittman.

For the season, the Panther shooters finished with six guys and two gals in the top 25 averages for their respective categories. Evan Dobberstein was third in the conference followed by Alex Romer in fifth, Noah Alinder and Ashton Worke tied for 11th, and Clay Stenzel and Alex Dobberstein tied for 21st. First-year shooters Morgan and Hanna Sack finished 23rd and 24th, respectively, for the female division.

Overall, Evan Dobberstein, Alex Romer, Noah Alinder, and Ashton Worke finished in the top 100 shooters out of a league of over 2900 athletes with Dobberstein finishing in a tie for 10th and Romer in a tie for 16th.  This is the 10th time the team has finished third or better since the team was formed in 2011 shooting both fall and spring leagues.