Ellendale City Council


Contributing Writer

The Ellendale City Council met December 22, 2011 with Mayor Engel and Councilmen Helland, Reiter and Groth present. Absent was Councilman Goebel. Also attending the meeting were Clerk Louks and Gwen Reiss.

After approving the agenda for the evening, the council went over the Fire Department claims and financial statement. The council approved the claims list for evening. The council then approved the Resolution 12-22-11-01, allowing the transfer of money from the Fire Department checking and the Fire Department savings account to the city’s general fund account. The account would be marked for the Fire Department. This action is required by the state. 

The council approved the minutes from December 8, 2011, Truth and Taxation, and also the regular meeting held December 8, and the special meeting for the Municipal Liquor Store held on December 15.

The claims for the evening were presented by Clerk Louks for approval. The claims totaled $2,254.50. The claims were approved by the council.

Clerk Louks went over with the council the financial and investment statement for the month. Louks reported that most funds had increased since last month’s review. The council approved the two statements. The council also approved the cash control statement.

Clerk Louks then told the council that it was that time of year again when the City waves the $1.5 million dram shop tort limit. The council approved the waving. Clerk Louks next order of business involved the approval in the hiring of Hill, Larson and Co. to do the yearly audit. The council approved the hiring. Louks next asked the council about the tobacco license for the Municipal Liquor Store. 

Louks told the council the yearly review of all licenses by the county is in May. However, the city could apply and have the fee prorated for the remainder of the year. After a brief discussion, the council moved to apply for the tobacco license. The council moved to have someone put plastic on the floor in the crawl space of the clinic building to try and limit the moisture and smell in the building. The council also approved putting eve troughs on the building.

The council reviewed drafts of the application form for the hiring of food service and cook positions that will be created in the Municipal Liquor Store.

Also noted: The Ellendale City Council held a public hearing, required by law, in regards to the Municipal Liquor Store. As required by law, if the MLS loses money in a fiscal year the city must hold a public hearing. 

Mayor Engel, Councilmen Helland and Groth were in attendance. Also attending were Clerk Louks and Donnovan Eaker. Engel welcomed everyone in attendance and Clerk Louks passed out a couple pages of financial information from the audit of 2010. Eaker was concerned about the MLS running in the red. She stated there are not many businesses that could run year after year in the red. She was concerned because this is tax payers’ money going towards the MLS. Eaker pointed out some information missing on the auditor’s report. Engel told Eaker the council will look into the missing information. The council thanked Eaker for taking the time to attend the meeting. The hearing was then adjourned. 

The next regular meeting of the Ellendale City Council will be held on January 12, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.