Farm & City Days 2017

LEADING THE PARADE — 2017 New Richland Farm and City Days parade grand marshals Mary Ebnet and Rick Schultz. (Star Eagle photo by Melanie Piltingsrud)

Contributing Writer

Jim Kozan, in his usual inimitable style, announced the two grand marshals of Farm and City Days at the Fire Hall Pancake Breakfast on July 8. Rick Schultz and Mary Ebnet were both completely surprised to be chosen as this year’s grand marshals.

“I was so happy for you, I didn’t even hear my name!” said Ebnet to Schultz after the two shook hands with numerous people following the announcement.

Both Ebnet and Schultz are native New Richland residents. Schultz grew up on a farm west of New Richland, and now continues to live there with his wife, Jackie. The two have one daughter, Hallie. Ebnet grew up on a farm, too, but she and her husband, Lavoy, have lived in town now for 14 years. Her husband helps Schultz with his farming. Lavoy and Mary have four children, Carmen, Vyanna, Rob, and Michael.

Besides farming, Schultz is involved in the Dekalb Asgrow dealership, and is president of the NRHEG School Board. He also organizes bus trips to the University of Minnesota, so that anyone who wants to can see Carlie Wagner play basketball. He said, “I’d just like to thank the community. We’ve got such a great support group here as far as if you ever need anything. We’re very fortunate to have support for the school district, and all the other areas of interest here. It’s a great community. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

Ebnet coordinates four blood drives per year in New Richland. She and her husband are also avid polka dancers, and enjoy attending polka festivals around the area.

Both Ebnet and Schultz thank the community. “It was a very big surprise,” said Ebmet.


Editor’s note: From the parade to the fireworks and all the traditional and new events in between, Farm and City Days was a delightful experience for all who attended. The committee really outdid itself this year and 2017 surely goes in the books as one of the best local celebrations in recent years.

The committee includes Tina Schmidt, Sara Jo Vulcan, Robin Jeno, Angela Gehrke, Suzy Koziolek, Larry Goehring and Pam Goehring. If you see any of them, thank them for their efforts both during the event and year-round.

First place in the Farm and City Days’ 140th anniversary float contest went to New Richland Care Center, with New Richland Mayor Christine Gislason second and Vista Covenant Church third.

Lip-sync winners, decided by crowd applause, were Chloe Stork and Gabby Schlaak. Emma Tollefson and Solveig Stafford finished second.

See next week’s edition of the Star Eagle for more.


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