Teacher Recognition 2016

Staff members at NRHEG were recognized at the annual ceremony Friday, June 3. Above from left: John Schultz (30 years), Ann Howe (30 years), custodian Dan Bell (30 Years), Richard Ellerbusch (30 years), superintendent Dale Carlson. Below, retirees Chuck Crabtree (bus driver, 23 years), Marty Nelson (bus driver, 23 years), Sue Hill (lead cook, 25 years), Joanne Phillips (11 years) and Bonnie Jacobson (24 years); not pictured: Jill Schlaak (23 years). (Star Eagle photos by Eli Lutgens)

Editorial Assistant

Staff members at NRHEG Schools were recognized during the annual Years of Service and Retirement Recognition program Friday, June 3 at the high school in New Richland.

After a reception, including slideshow and refreshments, Years of Service Awards were presented.

They were as follows:

• 5 years — Kari McNeil, teacher; Kelsey Pederson, teacher; Emily Schultz, paraprofessional; Mychelle Lynch, paraprofessional

• 10 years — Jenny Bunn, teacher; Diana Foster, teacher; Sara Ihrke, teacher; Clarice Clausen, paraprofessional

• 15 years — Beckie Johnson, custodian; Jim Steen, custodian; Michelle Thiele, community education

• 20 years — Dan Stork, teacher; Mark Domeier, teacher; Richard Stenzel, custodian; Cyndi Bartness, paraprofessional

• 25 years — Robin Eder, teacher

• 30 years — Anne Howe, teacher; Doug Anderson, teacher/administrator; John Schultz, teacher; Kathy Meyer, teacher; Richard Ellerbusch, teacher; Dan Bell, custodian


• Joanne Phillips, teacher, 11 years

• Jill Schlaak, teacher, 24 years

• Bonnie Jacobson, teacher, 24 years

• Martin Nelson, bus driver, 23 years

• Chuck Crabtree, bus driver, 23 years

• Sue Hill, food service, 25 years