NRHEG band presents personal performance

When preparing to march in the St. Peter 4th of July parade last weekend, the NRHEG band learned the home they were parked in front of belonged to Jim and Margaret Miller. The 91-year-old Jim is not able to get around well and would not be attending the parade, so the band decided to give the Millers a private show in their front yard. Between the performance and the hugs and handshakes from band members, Jim Miller (one of three remaining WWII vets in St. Peter) and Margaret were moved to tears. NRHEG Band Director Jacob Bender posted the following message on Facebook for his students: “This was the highlight of the day in St. Peter. I hope you all realize the special impact you made by performing for this wonderful couple. Years from now you won't remember marching in the parade but you will remember this moment. This is what music can do!” (Photo by Laina Rajala)