STATERS — NRHEG cheerleaders trying out for the All State team were, from left: Nicole Edon, Jessica Nafe, Taylar Tieskotter, Abby Christopherson, Abby Wacholz, Bayli Possin and Lizzy Hagen. (Submitted photo)



If you live around here and you’re paying attention, you already know the NRHEG High School cheerleaders are among the best in the state of Minnesota.

They proved it again Saturday, Oct. 10.

Seven NRHEG seniors tried out for Minnesota All State at Park Center High School. Five made the cut.

“All the girls did an amazing job and we’re very proud of each of them,” said NRHEG cheerleading advisor Kari Buendorf. “They will be learning a new routine with the members of the All State team this winter and then performing at the Minnesota State Cheerleading competition in late January.”

There are two divisions for All State, competitive and sideline, with boys and girls from throughout the state trying out.

NRHEG’s Bayli Possin made the competitive team for the second year in a row.

“She had to choreograph her own dance routine with jumps, tumbling, and dance moves,” explained Buendorf. “She also was given words to a cheer but had to come up with motions.”

“I went into All State a little nervous,” said Possin. “It was scary for me to try out for both sideline and competition, but I went into it with confidence that I would do my best and even though I didn't make sideline, I am so proud of the ones that did and I am still happy to have made the competition team.”

NRHEG’s Jessica Nafe, Abby Wacholz and Taylar Tieskotter made the sideline All State team for the first time, and Nicole Edon made it for the second year.

“These girls had to learn a dance and cheer, which they had to perform in front of judges,” said Buendorf.

“I was nervous to try out as any other participant was, but I was also excited because All State is just a super fun event,” said Edon. “It is such an honor to have made the team again. Being able to participate on a team with girls from many different schools who share the same passion you have for cheerleading is indescribable.”

Nafe said it’s a huge honor to make the All State team.

“It is also an honor to represent our small towns amongst the ‘big city’ schools,” she said. “All State provides an incredible experience to cheer alongside other passionate cheerleaders and to represent NRHEG on the state level. Having five of us NRHEG girls make the All State team reflects how dedicated and passionate our team is to cheering.”

Said Tieskotter, “It was a different atmosphere that you and another person got to view from the mat. It's different with another person than the whole team being out there with you. I'm glad I got the chance to try out and make the team. Twenty-eight out of 93 people make it and I was so surprised I was chosen! I'm excited for state and can't wait to perform with other cheerleaders!”

Wacholz agreed — it was different but fun.

“I was just used to going to competitions and competing against other teams, not individuals,” she stated. “Going into it I was nervous, but seeing how many girls were there doing what they loved just made it that more comforting. It was a very different atmosphere but I loved it. Getting on the team was something very special to me. I can't wait to cheer with a different group of girls at state!”