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Sept. is Emergency Preparedness Month

Things happen, hurricanes in Texas and Florida, wildfires in the west and northwest, and earthquakes in various regions. While they may not directly affect all of us, we certainly all have friends or even family who have been in the midst of these disasters.  And what have you done about all of this? Maybe you have donated to some of the relief efforts. Hopefully, you have given some thought as to what you should do in the event of disaster.

Watching the people in Florida in a mad panic and clearing the shelves for food and water, fighting and crying over generators — I hope it makes you think about being prepared.

I know we are not affected by hurricanes, wild fires or earthquakes but we are still in an active tornado season. In the last 10 years many of us have been inundated by September flooding from heavy rains. The next multi day blizzard or ice storm may be just around the corner.  

It all starts with sensible prepping, taking a few steps to make you, your family and your property a little more prepared for the next “inconvenience.” I am not talking about the next zombie invasion, but rather the emergencies, both small and large that can affect your family.

I still recommend as a good program to start with. It is an easy program to get prepared for the next emergency. is the official US government Web site. It has may links to emergency preparedness and planning.

So, do something! Get signed up for your county emergency communications, make a plan for a few of the “what ifs.”

Try to have a supply of food and water on hand. Do you even have a reliable flashlight near your bed at night? Do you have a battery-powered weather/AM/FM radio? Do you keep a small supply of batteries for your devices? The list goes on and on. That is why it is best to work with a simple plan to get prepared.

The Do 1 thing goal for September is to stay informed.

Getting correct information during an emergency is the key to taking safe action. Someone in your household may not be able to receive, understand, or act on emergency information. Think about what special needs your household may have. Take action now to make sure everyone in your family will be safe in an emergency.

Make sure everyone in your family knows what to do when they hear emergency warnings. 

Make sure everyone in your household can communicate in a disaster.

Until next time, be prepared and stay safe.

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