Over recent months, I’ve pondered some questions. I’m not sure if the answers I’ve come up with are agreeable to everyone; I’m not even sure I have answers to all of them. Let’s take a look and see, shall we?

Is “reply all” a default on some people’s phones and email programs? I don’t think that’s even a default option for me. If I want to reply to everyone on a particular text or email, I need to consciously think about that and go through a process. Still, it seems like some people use it all the time when it’s not necessary. If my child is invited to a party, I’m not really interested in how many other kids are RSVPing and don’t need my phone buzzing incessantly as those responses pour in. If a co-worker sends out an email to start a discussion, that’s a different story, as all involved in the email need to know what everyone else is thinking.

Is it possible to not be a distracted driver? I’m thinking no on this one. Obviously, we should avoid texting while driving or talking on our phone the entire trip. But don’t you get distracted by the radio? If I’m listening to KFAN, I might be distracted by a conversation on there. If I’m listening to Power 96, I might sing along to classic rock. If I’m listening to a book on CD, I’m certainly paying attention to the story. If there’s someone else in the car, I’m probably having a conversation, perhaps even mixed with one of the above items. Sometimes I find that I really need to concentrate on the road since those distractions can be pervasive.

Will we ever have “normal” weather patterns again? This seems doubtful. It’s not often we have a nice soaking rain overnight anymore; usually there are thunderstorms or five inches in one day or else we go a month with no precipitation. The snowfall amounts seem more akin to what it seemed they were when I was a kid, but after a blizzard in May, I’ll never feel comfortable that winter’s over until Memorial Day again!

Can there be any more TV shows that I enjoy playing on the same night? Wednesdays tax my DVR to the limit and beyond. I can only record two shows at once; thus, I have to make decisions since Survivor and Arrow start at 7, The Goldbergs at 7:30, and Modern Family at 8. Ugh! There are other times that you can mix in what my kids like to watch, and it makes things tough. Sundays are about to become that way since The Walking Dead is starting up again, mixed with The World Series of Poker and some Disney show Jayna enjoys. Netflix may have to be in my future.

Does every generation think the next group of kids is going to cause the apocalypse? When I started teaching, I remember a veteran teacher saying there was no way she’d start teaching anymore, which really put us rookies in a bind. We didn’t think the kids were so bad. However, as the years have elapsed, I’ve found it more difficult to deal with attitudes and laziness. Is this just me becoming older and more jaded? Are kids really the same or is there some disease slowly seeping into society? Certainly, times change: technology is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was, parenting styles have changed due to both necessity and a constantly changing family structure, and there are many more opportunities to make bad choices. Somehow, I’m guessing the adults when I was a kid thought the same things I do now.

What in the world did Michelle see in me all those years ago that made her want to spend the rest of her life with me? The reasons I was attracted to her are easy: she’s intelligent, beautiful, articulate, and has a sense of humor that matches mine. Sometimes I wonder how I outkicked my coverage on this one. According to some, I’m a self-absorbed, egotistical maniac. I know I’m pretty lucky to have found my lobster when so many other people seem to struggle to get it right the first time. We just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary, and I know things are going well when she barely bats an eyelash at me spending our anniversary announcing a football game!

Are we more enlightened now? Probably not, but what is life without questions to fire up a conversation (or a column)?

Word of the Week: This week’s word is kibitzer, which means a person who offers unwanted advice or criticism, as in, “The kibitzer spent an entire column giving out answers to questions nobody wanted answered.” Impress your friends and confuse your enemies!