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Another Christmas is nearly upon us, which means another year is almost in the books. It really does go faster every year, doesn’t it?

Merry Christmas! And the word “Christmas” can’t be emphasized enough. With all the “holiday” this and that going on this time of year — referring to what we all know full well is Christmas time — it makes one wonder if we’re losing the true meaning of the word “holiday.” Think about it.

Christmas is a time to give, forgive, be thankful and remember.

Thanks to the impetus from our not-so-secret Santa, Jody, the gift of giving is definitely in the air at the Star Eagle.

And of course we’re thankful. I’m mostly appreciative of the Star Eagle readers, advertisers and all the people who put forth the effort to produce the newspaper each week. They won’t be mentioned by name because their names can be found in the box at the bottom of this page. To each and every one of you, thank you. You’re wonderful.

My mom, Millie Martenson, who left us in August of 2010, is still remembered just about every day in our household, and she’ll be missed again this Christmas. My dad, Lester, who left us much, much earlier, is also recalled and spoken of fondly.

In October, for my 51st birthday (could have sworn it was 52, but I was wrong), my youngest son Eli gave me a new leather Minnesota Twins wallet. It’s nice.

The next month, I was walking out of One Stop after fueling the family rig and noticed a beat up penny on the ground. I always pick up pennies. I had already picked up two earlier that day and dropped them in the jar atop the refrigerator. I slipped this one in my pocket and drove off.

Later that night, when I got home and emptied my pockets, for some reason I looked more closely at the penny found at One Stop. It was tough to read, but upon careful examination it was clear. The year on the penny was 1970. Then I glanced at the calendar. It was November 12. It was 41 years to the day that my dad died. A chill went up my spine. Then I smiled. I think it’s a sign my dad and my mom are still in some way watching over us, and it’s a good feeling. The penny added 1 cent to my net worth, but I feel much richer for some reason. It now resides in my wallet.

Merry Christmas, and God bless us, everyone.

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