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You can always blame it on the weather. Sometimes it makes us do weird things.  When I came down to my Mom and Dad’s recently, my mother had a table full of picture albums. She commented that she should do something with them, maybe put them in a scrapbook. She went on to say that it takes so much time - and then said, that is silly because it is time that is going to go by anyway, whether I do something or not.

My mother has always felt flowers are for the living, but she thinks visitations should be too, and would have liked seeing all their old friends and reminiscing about good times and bad while they were still living. So, I guess, for loss of a better explanation, that is what she was doing.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think she expects her demise, just going over things of the past. Pictures and a snowy day can do that to you for want of something better to do.

Do you want to share my slide show - side show - whatever you want to call it?  The first picture I came across was of my dad with his carpenter apron on and hammer in hand, looking down from wherever. That is how I always think of Dad in his younger years - building, making repairs. I realize we haven't taken a picture of him playing dice.  Age, health and handicaps haven't taken away his hammer and nails completely, but he does a better job of shaking dice nowadays.

There was a picture of an ice fishing contest on the lake. There was a lot of snow around those holes. Unfortunately, though the event was identified, the year wasn't. So typical of February. The bright colors of warm clothing, a contrast to the white snow, but everybody was having fun trying to catch the elusive fish to win a prize. Besides, it was a bright, sunny, colorful day.

One year Tom, who lives at St. Olaf Lake, planned a breakfast on the lake for his 50th wedding anniversary. So many people, so many pontoons, so many pancakes. The invitation said, "Just stand on your dock and wave and we’ll pick you up as we go by." Happy days.

Then I saw a clipping, a burned out refrigerator in an empty chasm of ashes and snow, the second time their home burned. It mercifully snowed the next morning, covering the destruction. Not so happy days.

Then there were years when there weren't any pictures for awhile. I don't know why. My parents lived with my sister for some time while they regrouped, ironically in the same house they live in now. Mom said there are lots of pictures missing of the snowmobile rides to the lake in the winter, the saddle club, the family, cousins, aunts, sisters, and uncles, friends sharing the beach.

There are pictures of water that rose in the wet lands behind their home at the lake and reached the bottom floor of their home. Water from the wet lands was the reason they bought the land for ducks, geese and wildlife, a project that their grandson, Cameron, still works at.

A time or two the lake grew high enough to trickle over the beaver dam, but the lake bottom is so solid that they most often had to water the lawn in the summer because, though they lived close to the lake, it didn't get enough moisture to keep the grass green.

At any rate, it was an entertaining and informative afternoon.

Pictures are sort of like money in the bank. Just as money is only paper until you use it, the same is true of pictures. There's "interest" there in the form of memories of things we did, but they are just paper if we don't get them out to enjoy them and share with others.

What's the saying? A picture is worth a thousand words.

There is a story, supposedly true, of one of those photographers who came to stores and took children’s pictures. Somehow the information as to who belonged to each picture was lost. Those involved were told they could have their picture if they could identify the pictures were theirs. Supposedly a large number of parents were unable to distinguish their child from another. The psychological fact was very stressful, especially to the fathers. End of story!

Always identify and date your snapshots. You'll be glad you did.

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Birthdays and anniversaries this week:

• Thursday, March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day, Ashley Marie Hagen, Shannon Weckwerth Pacholl, Mike Cady, Dakota Ray Janning, Nicole Hanna, Patrick Wobschall, Harvey Zicafoose, Mandy Galbraith, Joel Hill, Jenifer Jensen Pietari, Carol Scott, Kevin & Marsha Jensen

• Friday, March 18th: Ashley Marie Hagen, Lynn Sommer Eaton, Chad Cornelius, Randy Brandt, Michelle Bartness, Dan Enzenauer, Matthew Larson, Wanda Stanley, Kent Toft, Matt & Jennifer Van Hal, Dean & Sue Westrum

• Saturday, March 19th: Samuel Bartness, his 1st; LaVern Klocek, Jill Rye, Jill Neitzell, Tyler Crabtree, Bethany Butler, Tori Lynn Sage, Wyatt Marcus Westergrin

• Sunday, March 20th: Tricia Renae Hanson, Nicole Christensen, Neva Lembke, Gary Reichl, Jim Butler, Tammy Harpel Nielsen, Winfred Bergdale, Shelly Hoeve, Billy Jo Johnson Schwierjohann, Dennis Olson

• Monday, March 21st: Doris Krause, Trent Steven Pence, Kelly Marie Dobberstein, Phillip Ingvaldson, Pam Farr, Kent Paulson, Diane Marlin, Kelly Nelson, Glea Hyland, Doris Krause, Brody Grunwald, Darrell & Cindy Farr

• Tuesday, March 22nd: National Goof Off Day! Gordy Carroll, Brenna Lynn Hagen, Shannon Johnson, Karin Lieberg, Bob Sommers, Leah Elaine Bergerson, Jerry Peterson, Nancy & Jerry Walterman

• Wednesday, March 23rd: Chris Newgard, Penny Obermoller, Alan Edwardson, Troy Johnson, Troy Wagner, Jason Dwight, Alexi Jo Kitzer, Alex Dobberstein, Delaney Sue Vander Syde, Alexander James Thompson, Peter Bergerson, Chris Rutheford, Phyllis Anderson, Glea & DeLores Hyland, Rick & Liz Wangsness

• Thursday, March 24th: Gail Ottesen, Seth Chad Staloch, Dave Meixner, Kurt Hanson, Laurie Phagan, Lucetta Kermes, Wes & Ruth Neidermeier, Angie & Cory Klemmensen, Tony & Sandra Tonsing, Lonna & Dean Broitzman

• Friday, March 25th: Brad Hagen, Michelle Ritz, Pam Anderson, Faith Jensen, Tom Marlin, Trevor Loverink, Bernice Farr Mattson

Surprise somebody. Call someone. Send a card and make their day. Little things mean a lot.

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