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When the county fairs start to appear summer is just about over.  School begins and new adventures are in store.

  What are the signs of fall?  We are already starting to see some trees starting to paint their leaves with unbelievable color.  Perhaps the biggest suggestion that winter is on its way is in the array of “back to school” events and the county fairs.

  Not having attended other county fairs for a few years it may not be fair to say there is nothing that could possibly compare with our local neighborhood fair in Steele County unless it would be the State Fair. 

  The Steele County Fair, which is Minnesota’s Largest County Fair, advertises that it is “where the fun never ends.”  They even have to print out a brochure which has a map inside to show everyone where they can find all the many different places to visit.  Their brochure this year says, “Scream & Moo With Much To Do In 2017. And much to do – there was!

  There is always something new and adventurous to see at the Steele County Fair. Like many things there it has so much to offer it is nearly impossible to really “see” the many interesting things that are there.

  I cherish the days when our family would “camp out” at the state fair and could see so many things that we would not be able to if we hadn’t been there for a number of days because there is just so much – except time, to see it all.

  We had friends who told us how they made good use of their visit to the fair by staying at the campgrounds. My parents had a camper and thought, “Why not give it a try”?  It provided them something to get their minds off some of the problems that were bothering them and also helped soften the things they could do nothing about.

  It was a new experience.  They had a lot to learn and were able to see parts of the fair they would have missed in a one day venture to the fair.

  My dad, bless him, he had a way of solving problems.  He lengthened the handle on a little red wagon.  He also added some padding to soften the ride for my sister’s two little boys who were going to start out on a new adventure while they visited the fair.  Our family was quick to learn the best time (for us) to enjoy the fair was early in the morning and after the crowd thinned out in the area we wanted to see in late afternoon.  The busiest time was a good time to go back to the camper and take a nap and rest up for the late excursions that gave us many interesting things to see and experience.

  Many times the best things to see at the fair are the “out of way” displays etc.

  It is hard to believe how so many different things can be brought together for a few days to provide such an array of enjoyment.  Many people go to the fair to enjoy all the rides on the midway, others go to show their “wares,” others take the animals that they have worked hard with so they can earn those purple ribbons, while others bake up a storm or create beautiful items, including pictures, clothing and quilts and other fine arts.

  Others go to the fair to enjoy the wide array of grandstand shows, like bull riding events, antique tractor pulls, enduro races, demolition derbys and “big name” musical presentations.

  Some people who visit the Steele County Fair enjoy visiting the auto museum or the Village of Yesteryear where they can visit Gus’ Station or the Beaver Lake Pop Stand and have a root beer float.  Others’ enjoy seeing the wide variety of vendors and exhibits, attending the horse shows, the exotic petting zoo and barn yard, the lumberjack show, the pig races, the Old Iron show or taking part in the watermelon seeding contests and the list goes on and on.

And we can’t forget all of the musical stages that have been developed over the years and the variety of music one can sit back and enjoy, as well as the wide variety of foods, many you can only find at the fair.

  Sorry to say, even with things to take advantage of to make it easier I am afraid my State Fair Days are behind me but I will always cherish the time I was able to spend there.

  Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented that they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements.  In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us.

  Also, if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me.

  If you have birthdays and anniversaries you would like to include, or news to share, please contact me via  e-mail, <mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by postal mail, P. O. Box 192, Geneva, MN 56035; or telephone, 507-256-4405.

   This weeks’ birthdays and anniversaries include:

  Thursday, August 24th: Rick Storlie, Michelle Gowlland, Nicholas Chrisensen, Tanya Hughes, Natalie Deml, Elizah Lee Ackland, Crystal Johnson, Terry Vaith, Jeff Kycek, LaNell Leak Sunde, Corey Peterson, Mary Edon, Ralph & Cheryl Dobberstein, John & Cindy Christensen

   Friday, August 25th: Chloe Lynn Muilenberg, Carl Glienke Jr., Evelyn Anderson, Renee Brandt, Ted Dahl, Jayme Hohansee, Craig Kammerer, Jessica Kubat, Pete Rietveld, Mary Larson, Melissa Peterson, Jim & Lynn Arends, Mark & Deb Hillesheim, Deb & Jim Bohnoff, Rachel & Michael Grunklee, Leah & Dama Clark, Everett & Linda Lang, Krystle & Adam Warnke, 2016

  Saturday, August 26th: William Michael Rodney Tuttle, Christopher Cook, Clarice Pence, Catherine Haugen, Mike Riley, Elijah Lee Ackland, Catherine Mae Haugen, Tim Falksen, George Stieglbauer, Michael Rodney Tuttle, Sharon Peterson, Travis & Kelly Johnson, Angie & Michael Den Herder

   Sunday, August 27th: Martin Johnson, Kory Kress, Alice Randall, Sandra Thostenson, Dee Ann Jensen, Jim Collins, Mary Lageson, Sharon Ramaker, Terry Pelzl, Angela DeGeus, Jessica Marie Nygaard Paulson, Corlyn & Janice Paulsen

  Monday, August 28th: Mitch Helmers, Larry Motl, Bev Newgard. Waynetta Peterson, Justine Randall, Marlys Van Kampen, Tammy Johnson, Gerritt Molenaar Sr., Jacquelyn Jensen, Linda Kelly, Marvin Thompson, Jim & Fran Ladlie and Sheena & Erik Olson

  Tuesday August 29th: Mark Lee, Eunice Smith, Barbara Klinger

  Wednesday, August 30th: Brett Richards, Kristin Blaschko, Joel Born, Danielle Cook, Katie Cleven Richards, Staci Hohansee, Donna Demmer, Everett Jensen, Grace Paulson, Craig Schwartz, Eva Elayna Thomas; Melissa & Tyler Moe, Ashlee (Pence) & Jeffrey Andrew Jr., 2015

  Thursday, August 31st: Carole Schember, Judy Deml, Terry Walterman, Kari Hohansee, Gerald Flugum, Tony Holmes, Connie Misgen Evenson, John Tasker, Heather Reese, Nancy Bottelson, Garrett Avery, Ron & Karen Huber, Melissa & Tyler Moe

  Friday, September 1st: Byron Norell, Jim Motz, Payton Thomspon, Daryl Nelson, Jody Farr, Catherine Carlson, Gregory Ray, Dianna & Matthew Beckman, Adam & Lalya Lang, Jim & Marian Motz

  Wishing you a day of joy...and a year of happiness.

  There are times I made mistakes regarding birthdays and anniversaries because of information I don’t know.  Please look at it as a reminder that though they may no longer be with us it is nice to remember they once were and celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries.

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