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There are days I feel I shouldn't be writing for the public because venting my disgust is not the answer — only my opinion. 

I just read the newspaper with one whole page dedicated to stupid actions on the part of our fellow citizens. Is it fair or sensible to find there are those who are not just ignorant but do horrific acts of unkindness? What joy is there in destroying someone else's property, taking it as if it belonged to them? When evil starts to overtake the "good" in life there has to be a solution. There is, but of course the ins and outs of politics and paperwork just add to the mess.

If so and so — no matter how little or not, is caught with illegal drugs he/she needs more than a slap on the fingers. They need a knock on the head. (just kidding - I don't believe in brutality.) What I really mean is they need a wake-up call to remind them that is not the way things are suppose to be.

Joe Apregio, the lawman from Arizona, is often criticized because he puts offenders to work if the jails are full and he houses them in tents.  They are fed sufficiently, but not cream-of-the-crop.

He thought that a little hard labor, without their pacifiers might make them think twice. I know there are complications, such as taking jobs from employees, as well as their insurance and liability, but letting them run free with a “naughty naughty” and a big fine wasn’t taking down the offenders.

Maybe instead they should put up a barbed wired fence to keep the offenders in. When he found that they were stealing their prison underwear, he dyed it pink. He did give them T-shirts to wear that said, "I use meth” and “I am on drugs and an alcohol offender" that everybody could see, which might make some people think twice. 

The guy who thought he had it made when he got butter on his bread and a warm place to sleep didn't think it was much fun when his friends and neighbors saw him caged like the unintelligent person he is.

We do have to take into consideration the intelligence of the one who said he shouldn't be punished for a misdemeanor BECAUSE he didn't know what he was doing because he was under the influence of alcohol or on drugs. Duh?

Maybe some good schooling on the illegitimacy of the acts — the horrors, loss of life and sorrow they place on victims of their crimes —  might help.

No one wants walls, or law breakers, or people running loose who have no respect for others. There are people who would like to live in peace without being stressed out by others who have no respect for human life and others’ property.

I think of those who gave their lives for the freedom we have been given. It is a mockery to have others show no decency for the good they did.

I read the papers, I watch TV and I am grieved by what I see. The crime situation seems to get worse and more tragic all the time. Those who break the law — murder, rape or abuse — are making a mockery of the freedom our military fought for. What kind of a person tortures or murders their children, wives and others? 

Seems to me the wall between Mexico and the U.S. should be built by those whose actions require it in the first place. Laying cement blocks in the desert heat with rattlesnakes close by might make them think that maybe they should stop doing things against the law!

When the wall is done, how about a landscaped fence of the large cactus on one side and jumping cactus fields on the other? Maybe build some underground tunnels where the snakes and scorpions and tarantula spiders can come in.

Often, terrorists from other countries take advantage of the ability of some and the friendship of others and sneak in the illegal way.

It is strange how we handle legal and illegal acts.

Tough? No, I am just disgusted and ashamed of people who should know better and don't.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, July 13th:  Megan Elizabeth Nowariak, Audrey Lillian Peterson, Marayah Mae Mortenson, Kolette Lageson Stevenson, Brenda Misgen, Sandra Cerney Collins, Joseph Adrian Parks, Ed Nelson, Cynthia Fuerniss, Dick Larson, Amber Anderson, Jean Johnson, Corey & Danielle Wangsness and Jason & Shannon Peterson

• Friday, July 14th:  Budach Martin Perry, Kallen Reed Rasmussen, Gaviin Cole Halverson, Sharon Richards Lucas, Annette Hove, Madison Larkin, Dana Simonson, Jeff Kitzer, Jerry Langlie, Lee Cummins, Shane Davis, Peter Kasper, Roger Swearingen, Bethany & Ashley Ashton

• Saturday, July 15th Nathan Daniel Wayne, Nathan Joseph Bauers, Levi Peterson, McCoy LaVerne Schwierjohann, Thad Aaseth, Judd Aaseth, Stacy Seath Tempel, Lacinda Jensen, Vicki Utpadel

• Sunday, July 16th: Sue Stieglbauer, Hudson Mrotz, Kyle Ladlie, Jeff Helmers, Nancy Wilder, Kenny & Sarah Price, Dave & Deb Oeltjenbruns

• Monday, July 17th: Kaylee Christine Hanson, Merton Nelson, Ralph Diaz, Sandi Vangen, Victor Christenson, Larry Molenaar, Leslie Schwartz, Lisa & Bob Wayne, Kristine (Simon) & David Freitas

• Tuesday, July 18th: Anika Christine McDonald, Nancy Anderson, Matthew DeShane, Katie Dobberstein, Michael Graif, Luke Rye, Roger & Betty Davies, Mark & Mandy Boehme

• Wednesday, July 19th: Charlie Glenn Fuller, Cheryl Dunlap, Natasha Marie Peterson, Nicholas Pete Johnson, Carolyn Plunkett, Alyssa Mumm, Travis Jensen, Michael Beckman, Ryan Schmidt, Warren Farr, David Cooper, Angie & Michael Kath

• Thursday, July 20th: Pam Muri, Paul Marcus, Wayne Sommers, Brad Eder, Richard Nelson, Cody McCartney, Elvern & Jeanne Holland, Cory & Colette Bauers, Mark & Teri Ravenhorst

• Friday, July 21st: Olivia Carol and Lauren Elizabeth Marlin, 2014; Julie Langlie, Riley Marzloff, Violet Elise Aronson, Lindsay Smith, Marilyn Sullivan, Trudy Abel Holm, Marcia DeVriendt, Randy Anderson, Michele Granowski Domeier, Mike Collins, Nicholas Miller, Micki Heimer, Ed & Nancy Ver Hey, Katie & Paul Troe, Mike & Amy Glienke

• Saturday, July 22nd: Warren Torgerson, Colleen Brekke, Jodie Hohansee Waalkens, Shari Crabtree, Jeff Olson, Joanie Ayers, Jesse Collins, Tyler Joshua Lair, Carl Anderson, Vicki & Kory Kress, Tara & Scott Peterson, Tara & Chad Cliff

Let your door be open to every joy your special day brings.

There are times I make mistakes regarding birthdays and anniversaries because of information I don’t know. Please look at it as a reminder that though they may no longer be with us it is nice to remember they once were and celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries.

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