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Summer officially began on the 21st of June and finally this past weekend it felt like summer had finally arrived as the temperatures reached into the 80s. I am sure that a great number of people have been able to enjoy spending time outside swimming, fishing, boating and water skiing, as well as attending any number of softball and baseball games, and playing rounds of golf.

The Geneva Pool is open 11-6 during the summer and offers a great place to cool off when the days get especially hot. It is very important for children to learn to swim and the Geneva Pool offers Red Cross swimming lessons. It is also important for people to wear life jackets, no matter how old you are, when they are in boats and such on the lakes.

When the sun is out so big and bright we have to remember to be careful to protect our skin. Often the sunscreen products will say it protects better than it really does.

It is better to “smear” on sunscreen than to rub it in. The thicker the layer, the more protective it is. That is why so often we see the lifeguards “go clown” so to speak and put thick layers on their noses, foreheads and checks. It is also important to protect your ears and neck, or anywhere the sun may hit the hardest.

It is especially important to protect little children. You can explain to them that they are getting their faces painted, or that you are putting a mask on their faces, when you put a lot of sunscreen on their little faces.

And we can’t forget to protect our hands, even when we are driving. The sun can do a number on them as well.

Our ancestors were kind to their skin. They didn’t go for the “healthy tan” look, like many so often do now. They prided themselves with their white flawless skin, free of wrinkles. That is often the reason why they wore hats and gloves.

And we can’t forget our dogs. They can get sunburn too.

It is important to protect your pets from the sun and heat exhaustion. People need to check them often when the temperatures get really high, especially when there isn’t much of a breeze to help cool them. Check to see if they are “panting” excessively, or if their tongue has turned red or purple in color, and if they are pacing or seem excessively sluggish. 

If they appear to be in trouble, move them to a cooler spot, or lower their body temperature by wiping them with a wet towel. You can also place a wet towel in front of a fan, which will also help cool them. And you can’t forget to protect their feet from the heat as well, especially if they spend a great deal of time on tile or cement. You know how hot that cement can get.

Speaking of things being hot, I am probably the one in a million who doesn’t appreciate fireworks. They are pretty and crackle and are colorful, but I think of all the military who have been subjected to those colorful exhibitions in a different way and are reminded of what it was like when they were serving our country during the war.

I also think about all the money that is collected and then spent so they can put on this spectacular show of fireworks for the 4th of July that is over in just a small amount of time. I would rather see the money be used for something more useful.

— — —

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented that they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements. In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us.

Also, if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me.

If you have birthdays and anniversaries you would like to include, or news to share, please contact me via  e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by postal mail, P. O. Box 192, Geneva, MN 56035; or telephone, 507-256-4405.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, July 6th: Kylie Titus, Brenlee Knudsen, Austin Nord, Linda Aronson, Scott Briggs, Gary Grosland, Wendy Camerer, Travis Hanson, Paul Richards, Darrin Stadheim, James Van Riper and Kyle & Bethany Miller

• Friday, July 7th: Collin Christensen, Elizabeth Eder, Cheryl Boverhuis, Casey Johnson, Chad Quam, Scott Reese, Jon Spatenka, Anna Jacobson, David Anderson and DeAnn Skroch   

• Saturday, July 8th: Zaine Augustine Briedenbach, Parker John Bunn, Payton Lorraine Bunn, Barb Hagen, Al Lee, Adam Arends, Jacob Terry Phillips, Deacon Thomas Lang, Summer Paulson, Deb Jacobs, and Marlene Jensen

• Sunday, July 9th: Larry Otto, Corey Pence, Joni Calderon, Lisa Worke, Dale Peterson, Jenny Bunn, Julie & Dean Hunt, Jennifer & David Lageson

• Monday, July 10th: Kalene Larson, Ethan Green, Brett Dunlap, Sally Hanson Sadden, Suzanne Skroch Larkin, Carley Ray Talamantes, Holly Swearingen, Anna Uetcsh, Todd Borchert, Kym Cameron, Paulette Nelson, David & Pam Farr; Ryan &Amy Crabtree, Dustin & Jenna Quimby

• Tuesday, July 11th: Elaine Peterson, her 90th, Zoie Marie Jensen, Shirley Wallace Tennant, Nicholas Lee Schultz, Helen Scripture Schubert, Kelly Sauke, Nataniel Lizarazo, Michlene Degan Reistad, Rochelle Thompson, Lisa Goodnature Noble, Christopher Olson, Jessica Mangskau, Naomi Hemingway, Randy Borchert, Scott Knutson, Celina & Richard Drescher, David & Bonnie Jensen, Carrie (Thompson) & Danny Wichmann

• Wednesday, July 12th: Daniel Christensen, Kimberly Peterson, Rick Pelzl, Daryl Waltz, Herb & Lori Moon

• Thursday, July 13th: Audrey Elizabeth Peterson, Megan Elizabeth Nowariak, Audrey Lillian Peterson, MaRayah Mae Mortenson, Kolette Lageson Stevenson, Brenda Misgen, Sandra Cerney Collins, Joseph Adrian Parks, Ed Nelson, Cynthia Fuerniss, Dick Larson, Amber Anderson, Jean Johnson, and Corey & Danielle Wangsness

• Friday, July 14th: Budach Martin Perry, Kallen Reed Rasmussen, Gavin Cole Halverson, Sharon Richards Lucas, Annette Hove, Madison Larkin, Dana Simonson, Jeff Kitzer, Jerry Langlie, Lee Cummins, Shane Davis, Peter Kasper, Roger Swearingen, Bethany & Ashley Ashton

• Saturday, July 15th: Nathan Daniel Wayne, Nathan Joseph Bauers, Levi Peterson, McCoy LaVerne Schwierjohann, Thad Aaseth, Judd Aaseth, Stacy Seath, Lacinda Jensen, Vicki Utpadel Knudson, David & Kim Kilian

Wishing that each day is happier than the one before.

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