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A short time ago the 2017 graduating class of NRHEG spent a day with the kindergarten kids. The seniors opened the time capsule they had filled back when they were 5 and 6 years old and in turn helped the kindergarten students from this year fill their time capsule.

So what do you think our country will be like in another 12 years? We can make a few guesses and we can read and diagnose some of the things that will be going on. I've been thinking, and I may be way out of line when I predict we will be subject to many changes from where things are now. Just think about it. Some will be good and some bad and I would guess a lot of them we will dislike because we won't be able to keep up with them.

I don't understand a lot of the cyber tactics now. Our methods of education and transportation have changed, as well as our homes and materials that they are made of. But that may be the small part of it.

The first thing that "comes to mind" is probably our postal service. Can you imagine what will take its place? I am sure it would have already been wiped out if it weren't for the junk mail and bills that we still receive via the postal service.

What about your bank, as well as using actual money? Britain is already planning on doing away with using "checks" by the year 2018. It costs money to process checks. Plastic and online transactions will cause the death of the check. This plays right into the death of the post office. Right now most of our business transactions are never touched by the mail service. Before we know it the post office will go out of business.

Speaking of businesses, I am sure that many are too young to remember when milkmen delivered milk and a laundry man went to the homes to pick up dirty laundry because not everyone owned a washer, let alone a dryer.

And then there is the newspaper. Young people are guilty of not reading the newspaper. They don't subscribe to a daily delivered print edition. As for reading the paper online - get ready to pay for it. Publishers have already formed an alliance with Apple, Amazon and other major cell phone companies to develop a model for paid subscriptions services.

And we can't forget all those great books. I love books and would hate to think of parting with a physical book you can hold in your hand and turn the pages.

With all the changes that have come about in this great big world of ours, you can browse a book store online and preview a chapter before you buy. The price would be half that of a real book. How convenient! Once you "flick" on the screen you can get lost in the story and forget you are holding a gadget instead of a book.

What college students learn today will be obsolete by the time they graduate. Students must be prepared to do jobs they don't even know exist. 

I am thinking of more, but there isn't room for them in this week’s column. I guess you will have to "stay tuned" as the saying goes.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, June 15th: DeWayne Hagen, Dale Anderson, Jennifer Robertson, Kathy Jensen, Kim Nelson, Logan Vietze, Dale & Marlene Peterson

• Friday, June 16th: Chase Boehme, Andren Richard Aaseth, Aven Leo Aaseth, Emily Otto, Bethany Otto Mikesell, Doug Smith, Lorraine Wallace, Vonda Humburg, Kenny Evenson, Kari Ingvaldson, Heather (Crabtree) & Keith Krenke, Richelle (Butler) & Brent Chapman, Tracy & Paul Marcus, Kim (Anderson) & Rick Schneider

• Saturday, June 17th: Natalie Jean Aaseth, Jim Hohansee, Eric Tobiason, Joshua Churchill, Aaron Casteron, Matthew Xavier, Tim Butler, Chase Hanson, Anna Kaye Hardyman, Kimberly & Mike Luhring, Jim & Jeanne Worrell and Tiffany & Josh Krueger

• Sunday, June 18th:  Kendal Marie Klocek, Keturah Katherine Mae Gassmann, Brett Hagen, Dennis O'Neil, Dave Lieberg, Marie Dobberstein, Marvin Enzenauer, Bonnie Nelson, Krysti Cameron, Margo & Milton Wayne, Wayne & Diane Jensen, Greg & Linda Pavek, Brad & Tammy Thompson, Kathy (Barnett) & Chad Peterson, Amy & Brady Jensen

• Monday, June 19th: Ashlie Pence, Johnathan David Schewe, Mary Ann Stone, Jean Pelzl, Theresa Kasper, Monty Spurr, Erica Van Kampen, Tracy Cromwell, Erica McClaskey, Dora Nissen, Al & Carol Schultz, Julie & Chad Cornelius, Guy & Tracy Cromwell, Fred & DeLoyce Schmidt, Melissa Scott Anderson, Tammy & Jeff Busho, Rich & Sue Hanson, Cesar & Heather Rosas , Ellen & Mark Johnson & Julie (Vanden Heuvel) & Dale Horibam

• Tuesday, June 20th: Adelyn Grace Quaintance, Jean Ahlstrom, Kari VandenHeuvel Horibam, Christopher Wayne, Patti Stadheim Bell, Chris Jensen, Alan Schmidt, Dianne Jensen, Madison Renae DenHerder, Mike & Kirra Hanson, Rick & Karla Kelly

• Wednesday, June 21st: Dorothy Kilian, Terry VanKampen, Roblyn Schmidt Beckler, Harmony Mattson Anderson, Greg Ramaker, Jay Ditleveson, Teri Jahnke, Haley Katherine Meiners, Shirley & Greg Tennant

• Thursday, June 22nd: Jessie Cleven, Marilyn Donahue, Travis Broskoff, Bruce Hunter, Barbara Haberman, Cheryl Peterson, Becca Schei, Mark & Sharon Sorenson, Chris & Linda Newgard, Dale & Suzanne Boverhuis Jr.

• Friday, June 23rd: Greg Bartsch, Ann Farr, Amanda Wacek, Rebecca Schei, Alley Mae & Avery Ella Hammett, Carlie (Thompson) & Joseph Sevcik, Ralph & Alice Randall

Wishing you a special day with family and friends as you acknowledge that another year has passed.

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