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The sun is out. It must be spring. It is funny how we look so hard for the warm summer months when it also brings with it so many things to do, to attend, or take part in. Plus, there’s the added danger because of our enthusiasm to do so much or overdo.

With school out in just a few more days, there are kids to consider — things to do to keep them busy, as well as safe. The exercise it provides is priceless and admittedly keeps the need to keep band aids and cream products on hand. 

I am concerned about sun screen. We buy it plenty and with a high rating and now they tell me the rating on the label may be false. The "50" sunscreen was found to be severely lacking - testing in the 9s' and even as low as 1 on the screening tables. I am always glad for labels and ratings, but it makes me uncomfortable if products are fraudulent or overstated. It can be dangerous. In my grandmother’s day she wore a wide brim hat and one of my grandpa’s wore an old long sleeved chambray shirt to help protect herself.

Caution must be taken at swimming areas too, whether natural or pool. Again it is what is put in the pools and the mixture of the occupants that needs watching. "Pee" in the pool? Actually "pee" is sterile, but swallowing it is a different matter. And what about the lakes and streams? I know hikers and explorers use creek water, but I think they disinfect it first, and what are they supposed to use? I am sure animals use the streams for any number of things besides drinking.

Then there is the water itself. I never thought I would see a day when we would buy water — not only because of taste but possible contamination. Contaminations aren't always what you think. The very chemicals used to treat the water may be toxic. Fluoride has been added for years to "save teeth" but what else does it do? Fluoride is in fact a poison! I know we think very little about it, but add fluoride with chemicals in other things and it might not be as safe as you think.

Because we "think" it is cleaner and better for us, we drink bottled water without thinking about the contents. That good old plastic bottle doesn't break, but it can produce undesirables from the plastic itself. NEVER heat up anything in plastic in the microwave. There are those who will tell you don't even use a microwave. It may be handy, but it has its hazards. Plastics aren't the only offenders. A Harvard study suggested that if you buy fast food, you should put it in glass containers because the packaging has problems. If you eat that wrapped sandwich not so often, you escape some risk, but don't leave it wrapped for too terribly long. Get the food out pronto.

I know I sound like a fanatic. Believe what you want. I am going by research studies of the packaging that could be dangerous.

I have a box of plastic containers that should go into the garbage. I should go back to using glass containers.

But what about the covers? Worse is, what do we feed our children and grandchildren on? We use the colorful, plastic dishes, for the kids because they don't break, but it is not advised!

While we talk about babies, let’s consider the pacifier. That delightful little gadget that's popped in babies’ mouths to keep them satisfied and quiet has some problems too. I was lucky enough that I never had to use a pacifier on my children.

I have no proof - only my own thoughts - but that pacifier is only "cute" to me. While it might travel into a lot of areas to pick up germs, let’s not forget it is plastic, and is it a comfort? Does the child become addicted to their comfort gadgets as they grow up or can it become a habit to put something in their mouth when they are tired, hungry or frustrated? Is it comfort that grows into other things when they outgrow the "nuk"? Does it make something that causes one to think they always have to have something in their mouth? I don't know. It is just something that often "comes to mind."

I know one lady who did fine except she became terribly addicted to Coca-Cola. It seems we all are addicted to something. We just don't think about it. Don't forget: cancer thrives on sugar. 

— — —

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented that they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements. In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us.

Also, if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, June 1st: Carter Anthony Martens, Randy Hagen, Brandi Hagen, John Hanson, Bert Wiersma, Phyllis Benson, Joe Wallace, Julie Dulas, Maria Misgen, Tony Sommers, Bob Flim, Glenn Gerdes, Lindsey Lembke, Denise Evenson Wilson, Jeff & Sharon Lageson, Orville & Mavis Langlie, Dick & Arlyss Haug, and Joshua Kasper & Lyndsey Smith 2015 

• Friday, June 2nd: David Lassahn, Maia Kathleen Peterson, Brent Dobberstein, Angie Goodnature Kath, Taylor Draayer, Sue Jensen Kuckenbecker, Steve Kasper, Cindy Olson, Barry Esplan, Krystle Lonning, Donald Haberman, Ahston Haried, Trent Hanson, Brandon McLaughlin, Tammy & Garth Gonnering, Greg & Nicole Shultz, Eric & Snow Lee, their 9th.

• Saturday, June 3rd: Isabella Grace Kohn, her 7th; Devin Matthew Haddy, his 10th; Justin Stieglbauer, David Hall, Troy Vavra, Jason Jenkins, Michael Bartness, Angie Kasper Christenson, George Kasper, Chrisopher Conley, Max Miller, Esther Van Ravenhorst, Misty (Ebnet) & Jeremy Krueger, Eric & Christine Nelson

• Sunday, June 4th: Brittni Wangsness Camerer,  Dale Miller, Becky Nordland, Jim Borchert, Judith Severson, Warren Nelson, Jamie & Tina Hagen, Art & Doris DeNeui, Dan & Andrew Bernau, their 10th & Joshua & Lindsey Kasper;

• Monday, June 5th: Marcia Vermedahl, Shawn Johnson, Paul Krull, David Reistad, Mike Rossing, Lisa Jensen Nord, Jack Butler, Greg Oswald, Michael Schmidt, Ron & Jolee Johnson, Stacy(Osmundson) & Trevor Titus, Erica )Van Kampen) & Jacob McClaskay, Elzo &Joy Peterson

• Tuesday, June 6th: Hope Killian, Eric Sorenson, Cheryl Louks, Steve Lonning, Todd Born, Owen James Wheeler, Blake Rolland Baudoin, Isiah DuBois, Steve & Kari Vanden Heuvel, Stacy & Shannon Wobschall, Dean & Roberta Lembke

• Wednesday, June 7th: Chris Blouin, Daniel Eliason, Jesse Langlie, Roger Sommers, Faye Thompson, Paul Stollard, Tasha (Gross) Gilbertson, Brandon Gross, Katie & Kevin Knudson, Holly & Jake Dau, Richard & Karen Holmes, Irvin &Joan Diderrich, Jeff & Lynn Draayer, Jim &Joanne Pichner

• Thursday, June 8th: DebWallace, Steve Hagen, Owen Ryan Krueger, Monty Miller, Sandi Meyer, Rodney Wayne, Steve Lembke, Morgan Hutchinson, Michelle & Damon Gowlland

• Friday, June 9th: Lexi Wayne, Ahinka Jensen, Sharon Lageson, Bennett VerHey, Carie Paulson, Karen Swearingen Cox, Dana Waltz, Greg Smith, Tait Ingvaldson,  Ella Elizabeth Marlin (2015), Torsten & Melissa Wayne, Rhonda (Lund) & Troy Thevenot, LeRoy & Gladys Peterso

• Saturday, June 10th: Samantha Mae Schumacker,  Kathy Allard, David Ellis, Chuck Groth, Jamie Weller, Margaret Reese, Forest Peterson, Adam Wacek, London Avery, Sara (Cornelius) & Rob Routh, Marv & Pat Schulz, Missy (Lonning) & Paul Richards

May you find joy and pleasure all around you on your special day.

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