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I happened to switch on Iowa Public Television and though I knew of the hardships it has been experiencing, it is far more earth shaking when you see the pictures. The lady who took the pictures did an excellent job of actually showing the story that needed to be told.

How many people have forgotten the days of the Depression, the dust bowl, just plain hard times that people went through? People can say it was tough, but it is more impressive to see the expression on parents' faces — the wide eyed, ragged children, and farms lost to the Depression.

Sure I read about it in school. I remember my parents and grandparents talking about the food situation, but when you see it it makes you really stop and think. You can only guess what it was like.

People lived in shacks or anything that help provide them some protection. Kids wore ragged clothes back then too, but they didn't come ragged looking from the store like they do now.

It is hard to believe if you have enough that there are people in our locality that may need help for one reason or another. Our locality is good at doing what it can to help out. The people of our area, along with our churches, organizations and businesses, all help.

My mom worked for head start and remembers one home she visited had a black floor. She didn't know if it was dirt or worn out linoleum. There were bathroom fixtures, but they too had lost their finish and were black. The kids slept in sleeping bags or quilts on the floor in an unheated room. 

One young couple she visited ate one meal a day so it would help in regards to having enough food for their children. Their little girl was ever so proud of the box of colors an aunt had given her. 

The house was heated by an upright tank that was about 6 inches square and 4 feet high. It looked like something taken from a piece of machinery.

Funny, but not for laughing, the father came in with a shot gun and said, "Woman, how many times have I told you to keep that gun loaded? Now I missed those pheasants (out of season)."

Have you ever seen a bag lady? I have. She had a shopping cart and went from dumpster, to dumpster looking for food. She had a large dog tied to the cart. She explained if she didn't have the dog with her, someone would take her food. 

Where she slept I don't know, but she was clean. She used a rest room at a filling station to help keep herself decent. She was interesting to talk to, asked for no help or pity but thanked us for helping her. I remember my dad, the feelings he projected to this poor lady.

An old man stood on the street asking for help. When we were going to give him some money a “passerby” said, “Go in and buy him some food,” as he probably felt if we gave me some money he would go buy “booze” instead.

There are others we never know about who will accept but never ask for help.

Don't waste food — don't over eat, eat healthy, share surplus. Remember the elderly, especially those who are alone, the handicapped, and the children who need good food.

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