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A little bit of this and a little bit of that....

I see by the paper a “passer by” risked his life to save six black teenagers when they broke through the ice. He was white. Just a little blip in the paper told us about it. Nothing in comparison to the publicity given the “anti-semitism” attention given to shooting and handling of other black boys.

Just what we don’t need – liquor on Sunday. I did listen to the argument. It seems we could get a lot of revenue that is now going across the border to Wisconsin, which already has Sunday liquor. We may need the money, but at what cost?

It’s a good reason to join the money making in Minnesota, but what are we losing? Sundays have already taken a beating as it is with ballgames and other events already taking place on Sundays. I vote for less liquor on the market – fewer deaths and injuries and less heartache because of alcohol consumption. Seems like those who can’t handle their consumption need some education.

Incidentally, believe it or not, it was on the Internet. President Trump does not and never has drunk liquor in any form. I did see when they had the “inaugural toast” he put the glass that had been given him on the table untouched. He also has cautioned his children to avoid the unnecessary evils as well.

It is also suggested that he likes “ordinary food” and on his presidential campaigning most often went to “drive-through” places like Wendy’s and McDonald’s, so he wouldn’t be recognized. He likes French fries but is very fussy about them. It is rumored he likes the ones we often buy at supermarkets.

He eats pizza, but with a fork. Probably because he doesn’t care for the crust – just the topping.  Sounds a little bit like me.

I hope the recent local airplane scare, possibly from carbon monoxide, sent everyone to their hardware stores for detectors, but one type of meter is not enough. Radon also should be monitored. It is also suggested to use more than one smoke detector too, including one no more than 10 feet from your bed.

It seems like this has been a bad year for bus accidents of many different sorts. Do you think about the safety of your children when you put them on the bus – sometimes for many miles and for great lengths of time? I don’t know what one can do, but I wish there were something.

I have often wondered why school buses don’t have a door on the driver’s side of the cab. If the door on the right hand side is damaged, or blocked so it could not be used, wouldn’t a door on the driver’s side of the bus be really helpful so the driver could exit the bus and help people exit the bus? There must be a reason that I don’t know or understand.

Will there ever come a day when we will educate our children at home for safety’s sake? But then I am sure there are other things that will pop up including health issues, child abuse, etc.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

•  Thursday, March 9th: Reese Sharon Glynn, her 10th; Taylor Jensen, Chris Clausen, Peter Dammel, Curtis Langlie, Mark Sawyer, Joel Wacholz, Dean Waltz, Jacklyn Cromwell Olson, Chris Farr, Joleen Thompson

• Friday, March 10th: Julie Stieglbauer Dahl, Sue Misgen, Aaron Callahan, Travis Johnson, Michelle Olson Bedney, Tom Vavra, Heidi Mattson LaFave, Chuck Hanson, Gayle Dummer, Douglas Schmidt, Linda Anderson, DeLynn Johnson Rohrbacher, Hannah Emily Brunsen

• Saturday, March 11th: Arielle Lynn McClaskey (2011), Elsie Jacobson, her 4th; Marion Mast, Carolyn Flesche, Leroy Folie, Kari Thostenson, Jon Carlson, Michelle Meyer, Larry Richards, Tim Simon, Joan Ahlstrom Diderrich, Tanya Swearingen, Tom Arbogast, David Callahan, Dean Lembke, Spener Sebastian Sommers, his 13th; Doug Blouin, Wendell Kuehni, Paul & Shirley Nelson Gould

• Sunday, March 12th:  Sadie Jaymelynn Arends, David Paulson, Jason Bowman, Terri Engel, Robert Hall, Harla Stanley Malz, Spiering Brody Sundbland, Gary & Barb Paulson, Jack & Virginia Jensen

• Monday, March 13th:  Joanna Ver Hey, David Mangskau, Lynda Kruckeberg, Darla Waltz, Jessica Liverseed, Craig Lunning, Tony Tonsing

• Tuesday, March 14th:  National Potato Chip Day; Laura Katherine Worrell, Connor Duane Klemmsensen, his 9th; Sierra Christine Krause, her 7th; Brian Laura Katherine 7th; Brian Cerney, Brent Huber, Marcia Hutchins, Lee Loverink, Mary Finch, Kathy Molenaar, Trevor Titus

• Wednesday, March 15th:  Angie Haberman Lyman, Marvel Beiser, Andy Ditlevson, Robin Jepson, Judy Lunning, Tim Phagan, Steve Clausen, Tony Motl, Julie Peterson, Don & Cindy Gould

• Thursday, March 16th: Ava Pospesel, Blair Pospesel, Al Batt, Cortnee Langlie, Judy Waage, Tyler Lewis Hagenbrock, Jackson Taylor William Churchill, Harold & Pat Wayne, Hugh & Karen O'Byrne

• Friday, March 17th: St. Patricks' Day! Emma Victoria Schember, her second; Mike Cady, Ashley Marie Hagen, Shannon Weckwerth Pacholl, Dakota Ray Janning, Nicole Hanna, Patrick Wobschall, Harvey Zicafoose, Mandy Galbraith, Joel Hill, Jenifer Jensen Pietari, Kevin & Marsha Jensen

• Saturday, March 18th: Axel Jameson Ladlie (2011), Ashley Marie Hagen, Lynn Sommer Eaton, Chad Cornelius, Randy Brandt, Michelle Bartness, Dan Enzenauer, Matthew Larson, Wanda Stanley, Kent Toft, Matt & Jennifer Van Hal, Dean & Sue Westrum 

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