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The second weekend of the 2017 Geneva Cancer Auction was held this past weekend and as a result, some great things came to mind.

One of the first items put up for bid on Saturday was a plaque that said, “No, I cannot forget where it is that I come from, I cannot forget the people who love me. I can be myself here in this small town. And people let me be just what I want to be. I was born in a small town.”

This small town of Geneva, Minnesota, along with a great number of people from the surrounding area, have been working hard over the past 33 years to do what they can to help find a cure for cancer.

Also included in the auction this past weekend was an item donated by Jenni Gollhofer and Doug “Gout” Willert. The piece of artwork was a string picture of the state of Minnesota on an old barn door with a big heart displayed in the middle.

Seeing all the strings reaching out from all corners of our state and coming together in the heart, or the middle of the state, really put a perspective on what we have been doing here in our small town, Geneva. I believe the creation represented the people in the state of Minnesota who have been touched by cancer, as well as those reaching out to help.

Often we think of the great people we have lost as a result of cancer, but we also need to be thankful for each individual who has survived cancer.

The picture also served as a reminder of the many hundreds and hundreds of people who have given from their heart. They have made cash donations, as well as donated items for the auctions, purchased items, as well as helped in many different ways to make each cancer auction, wild game feed, pool tournament, golf outing, motorcycle run, haircut for “Locks of Love” as well the ranch rodeo event a success.

For more than 100 years the American Cancer Society has been saving lives and working to alleviate the pain and suffering of cancer through research, prevention, patient services and advocacy. Thanks to their volunteers and staff, their dedicated researchers and all those touched by cancer, they have made amazing progress in their efforts to eliminate cancer and reduce suffering from the disease.

The American Red Cross is being energized in this year, 2017, to make even greater progress by helping more people, investing more in discoveries, and saving more lives.

They recently developed a new mission statement, which is “Our mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.”

Some of the workers, or “runners” this past weekend during the 33rd Geneva Cancer Auction wore T-shirts that included the saying, “I do not like cancer here or there, I do not like cancer anywhere.”

I hope the people of our area will continue to do what they can to eliminate cancer here, there and everywhere.

— — —

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• Friday, January 27th: Anna Mae Lee, Jon Berg, Linda Davis, Nancy Ingvaldson, Paul Larkin, Keegan Brighton, Myrtle Peterson, Ken & Waynette Peterson, Bruce & Rose Ann Kubicek

• Saturday, January 28th: Brian Brekke, Kevin Stieglbauer, Kalei Wilson, Caleb Brocker, Ruth Paulson, Denise McGowan, Rachel Schei, Lona Berg

• Sunday, January 29th: Molly Jo Wayne, her 9th, Jalen Aaseth, Rick Seath, Andrea (Hanson) Carter, George Dettman, his 87th, Kim (Harpel) Johnson, Zenobia Haberman, Stephanie Jensen

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• Friday, February 3rd: Avery Jean Blouin, 2014; Bowen Gregory Jensen, his 11th; Lily Neitzel, Julie Hanson, David Johnson, Sherry Misgen, Tara (Stollard) Richards, Francene Pittman, Jeremy Hanson

• Saturday, February 4th: Aaron Duane Bauers, Tyler Cerney, Tyler Sorenson (1994), Waylen Busho Jr., Billy Glynn, David Newgard, Roy Jensen, John Lent

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