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Hey! the state of Minnesota has been selected as the No. 1 state in the country, and that includes Alaska! I should have listened better, but I am guessing it is in regard to climate and weather. Though I can think of lot of categories we could fit in as being No. 1.

Unless I am mistaken, I think we have recorded some of the hottest summer days of anyone, as well as some of the coldest winter days. That is why we live here!

I won't say I am thrilled with snow storms, ice, rain, sleet and temperatures that have a range from being too hot to too cold, but maybe that is what gives us this distinction of being No. 1.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me we are also the healthiest state in the country despite, or because of, the cold climate conditions we endure. I guess it says something about that good clean, fresh air we have in Minnesota.

My mother always tells my sister, Kaye, that she moved 1,600 miles to Arizona to get away from the Minnesota snow and now drives over 200 miles on weekends to their cabin, which is in the snow. I am sure she would remind me that the snow doesn't last and that she knows she can go "back home" to the heat of Cave Creek. 

We have citizens from our little corner of the world who make the trip south to enjoy the warmer weather conditions when it turns cold in Minnesota. But they also know when it is time to "go home again" when the weather turns hot. Arizona, and other places in the south are nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there year round, especially when the temperatures get up to 100 degrees.

We can always put on more clothes here in Minnesota to help us stay warm, but you can only take off so many when it really gets hot.

It seems to me that all the states around us have had more than their share of climate problems — wind, water and destruction — and the media is full of it. I feel for them. We have some of those same problems here but it seems like we have learned to take them in stride and don't rely on the sympathy of others. Instead I see these problems have taught us how to find solutions — because we live here and don't just rely on others and the government.

Sometimes I wonder about the intelligence of some people, as they think only about living for a view in areas they know are habitually hit with flooding, tornadoes and fire. But just like us, they want to live there because it is "home." I can only imagine the devastation of losing everything with neighbors who are in the same circumstances so they can't rely on each other for support. To see someone completely destroyed by water, fire or wind is not a pretty sight, plus they are faced with the cleanup.

In regard to insurance claims, people are required to show proof of existence of the items in their homes and such, as well as value. It is always a good idea to compile a list, as well as take pictures of many of the items you have in your home, especially of the valued items. And once you have done that, put all of it in a “savings box” at a bank or in some other place, other than your home, so that they will be protected.

After my parents lost their home to fire we cleaned up “the scrapes” by putting them in a wheel barrow so we could identify what we could – value, age etc.

Funny, but not for laughing, there was little lost in the second fire except the book we had that listed things lost from the first fire. All our bookkeeping was destroyed. It went up in smoke!

Included in the cleanup was a pail full of pennies my mother had saved. Did they melt together? No – they burned thin as paper. We found lots of pennies for years in the yard.

Proof of money isn’t that easy to identify and be replaced. You have to go to certain banks that will help you deal with that type of situation.

The only casualty, thank goodness, was their little dog who went under the couch in the area located next to the kitchen. He died of smoke inhalation.

One more thing, be sure to keep your smoke alarm batteries up to date so that they can warn you in case a fire were to begin. There are also detectors that will warn you about carbon dioxide and radon problems as well. Thank God if you never have to use them.

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