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Shortly after little Sophie Stultz was hit and killed while riding her bicycle in Albert Lea when the driver of a vehicle didn’t see her, I was in Owatonna and saw an accident that didn’t happen but could have with the same results.

A young girl on a bicycle went across an “uptown” street in a rather “kiddy corner” fashion. I don’t know if she noticed the car or not, but thank goodness she made it safely across the busy road. Behind her on another bike was a younger, smaller girl.

I am sure she really didn’t look either way either; she was concentrating, following the one in front of her. She too, made it across O.K. and I sighed in relief. Luckily, the car coming from the east was going very slow and the driver was attentive to what was happening in the area.

In my mind I thought, “Oh my gosh, what could have happened and what besides luck could have saved them from being hit.”

Bicycles are great, but the riders need to remember that they too must follow the rules of the road just like any other vehicle or pedestrian. Also, they may think they will be able to ride a bike that may be too big for them.

Children, as well as adults, need to remember to look both ways. Often times they look, but do they really see? They are going fast, maybe thinking about what they need to do next, and their judgment as to the distance and time it would take to safely get across the road is not really accurate. Children are children and often learn by watching what others do.

Would it make sense to propose that bike riders walk their bikes across busy roads and intersections, not cross the middle of the street? We always want to take the shortest route, but many times it is not the one we should be taking.

Bike riders – be they child or adult - need to heed safety rules. They should not maneuver in and out on a street whether they’re able to or not. It just takes one time of not seeing or watching for oncoming traffic for something to happen.

There have been some places where bike paths have been developed along highways, but the cyclists often ride close to the white lines along those roads where busy vehicles travel. What happens if one hits a bump or obstacle in the road that “spills” the rider?

City streets are city streets and there should be a maximum speed listed - obeyed or not. We often think that going just a little bit faster won’t hurt, but sometimes it does.

I hope that people will slow down a bit and take the time to see what is in front of them.

God does not promise skies always blue. But He does promise to see us through.

— — —

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Also if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me.

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There are times I made mistakes regarding birthdays and anniversaries because of information I don’t know. Please look at it as a reminder that though they may no longer be with us it is nice to remember they once were and celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries.

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, August 18th: Ron Johnson, Rick Johnson, John Ross Vermedahl, David Klocek, Michael Ingvaldson, Kelly Schmidt Janning, Connie Robertson, David Rietsema, Gary & Kathy Anderson, Ryan & Jill Hanson, Tamara & David Jepson

• Friday, August 19th: Daxter Carter Lee, Jason Langlie, Michelle Peterson, Jennifer Popiel, Cheri Krejci, Ruth Enzenauer, Cynthia Grubish, Lois Johnson Aitchison, David Cooper, Alyssa Kay Jensen, Jackie & Travis Olson, Andy & Julie Arnold, Larry & Mary Ellen Walton, Kayla & Patrick Krause

• Saturday, August 20th: Dale Nelson, John Scrabeck, Tammy Bergland Techau, Andy Christensen, Diane Cleven, Delbert Karsjens, Jozie Annamarie Johnson, Kim Jensen, Jamie Nelson, Larry Pierce, Tianna & Joshua Kubicek

• Sunday, August 21st: Lori Moon, Avery Hullopeter, Abriana Harris, Scott Tracy, Larry Klocek, Viola Klocek, Dawn Dobberstein, Mary Richards, Cindy Anderson, Roger Johnson, Sara Degan Misgen, Jodie Lee, Jaden Jensen, Cody Lembke, Michael Olson, Jasmine Obermoller Evans, David & Cindy Callahan and Jonathan & Tonya Bartsch

• Monday, August 22nd: Thayne & Becky Nordland, Ava Moon, Julie Johnson, Kyle Wallerich, La Donna Cummins Fallen, John Butler, John Glynn, Diane Butler, Dale Kelly, Aaron Ladlie, Nancy TaBelle

• Tuesday, August 23rd: Jared Dawson Lee, Logan Dale Marzolf, Terry Holland, Ann Klemmensen, Matthew Knudson, Steve Wilker, Scott Wright, Quinn Vu, Jessica Lutgens, Vernon & Jeanne Simonson, Amy & Marshall Svoboda

• Wednesday, August 24th: Rick Storlie, Michelle Gowlland, Nicholas Chrisensen, Tanya Hughes, Natalie Deml, Elizah Lee Ackland, Crystal Johnson, Terry Vaith, Jeff Kycek, LaNell Leak Sunde, Corey Peterson, Mary Edon, Ralph & Cheryl Dobberstein, John & Cindy Christensen

• Thursday, August 25th: Chloe Lynn Muilenberg, Carl Glienke Jr., Evelyn Anderson, Renee Brandt, Ted Dahl, Jayme Hohansee, Craig Kammerer, Jessica Kubat, Pete Rietveld, Mary Larson, Melissa Peterson, Jim & Lynn Arends, Mark & Deb Hillesheim, Deb & Jim Bohnoff, Rachel & Michael Grunklee, Leah & Dama Clark, Everett & Linda Lang

• Friday, August 26th: William Michael Rodney Tuttle, Christopher Cook, Clarice Pence, Catherine Haugen, Mike Riley, Elijah Lee Ackland, Catherine Mae Haugen, Tim Falksen, George Stieglbauer, Michael Rodney Tuttle, Sharon Peterson, Travis & Kelly Johnson, Angie & Michael Den Herder

• Saturday, August 27th: Martin Johnson, Kory Kress, Alice Randall, Sandra Thostenson, Dee Ann Jensen, Jim Collins, Mary Lageson, Sharon Ramaker, Terry Pelzl, Angela DeGeus, Jessica Marie Nygaard Paulson, Corlyn & Janice Paulsen

• Sunday, August 28th: Mitch Helmers, Larry Motl, Bev Newgard. Waynetta Peterson, Justine Randall, Marlys Van Kampen, Tammy Johnson, Gerritt Molenaar Sr., Jacquelyn Jensen, Linda Kelly, Marvin Thompson, Jim & Fran Ladlie

• Monday August 29th: Mark Lee, Eunice Smith, Barbara Klinger

Wherever this year takes you, may you find happiness along the way.

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