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It is 3 o'clock in the morning and you wake from a sound sleep.

“Six little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head. Took him to the doctor and the doctor said, ‘That's what you get from jumping on the bed.’”

Remember when you were a kid and one of your biggest delights was sneaking into your parents' bedroom and jumping on the bed? It was a kid thing. Then some enterprising individual thought of what became known as a trampoline. It took off like gangbusters and trampoline parks sprung up, excuse the pun, in territories and even county fairs.

Like everything good there seems to be a not-so-good aspect and they were proclaimed dangerous. Pits were dug under them to put them closer to the ground. Of course fads usually wear off, but kids jumping is as natural as crawling.

One can almost tell when there are kids in a neighborhood by the trampolines in the back yard. They were equipped with protective barriers. I don't know which came first, big trampolines or the little round ones.

So why did God talk to me at 3 o'clock in the morning? Because He usually does and reminds me of things that may have escaped what is on my mind.

Some years ago, I suppose a therapist in a nursing home started taking patients, some so handicapped or disabled they couldn't even stand, and started using "rebounders" for therapy.

They left the residents in their chairs, but put their feet on a little round rebounder and starting tapping them for elasticity so their feet and legs went up and down. Gravity working against gravity. It didn't happen overnight, of course, but the circulation it provided to those disabled legs started to take off. Gradually, there came a time when the patients were able to stand and rebound on their own and I suppose gained their dignity. Like kids again, they regained their strength and their health improved.

Exercise and movement. As we grow older and tend to not use our muscles as we once did, even just doing mundane everyday chores helps. 

Now why am I telling you this? Because exercise, even starting small and slow, can improve one’s health. We all need that extra bit of oxygen it requires, that circulation in our system that keeps our bodies in shape to move so we don't rust out or corrode.

God speaks to us in wondrous ways. We should listen to our imaginative children and observe how their little bodies move and make them happy, active and heathly. I hope the next time I choose to sit comfortably in an evening chair I remember what it is like to use my head to be a kid and "move" instead.

A few more thoughts....

My grandmother used to swear by Listerine. She used it for just about everything. Seems she was right. It not only kills bacteria as a mouthwash, it does wonders for small cuts, scratches and bug bites. It even helps keep the bugs and mosquitos at bay. In fact, there is a home recipe for mosquito yard spray that is safe for people, plants and the environment. 

Take a big bottle of blue mouthwash, you can even use the cheap kind, three cups of Epsom salt, and three 12-ounce cans of stale beer. Mix the ingredients together until the salt is dissolved and then spray your deck, probably two times over the summer. Believe it or not, it has a nice minty smell and the mosquitos hate it.

Keep some in a spritz bottle. Mix it a little stronger and it will last longer.

It is perfect to use where the kids like to play outside and the mosquitos are relentless and leave itchy bites. You can use this instead of those dangerous mosquito sprays.

I've also heard it is the female that does the biting and they are really attracted to people who eat bananas. Funny thing is a quick remedy for the itchy bite is to rub the sore area with a banana skin.

Dawn dish soap works wonders to protect your cat or dog from fleas. Wesson Oil is said to take care of annoying ear mites.

There are lots of home remedies.

— — —

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, July 7th:  Collin Christensen, Elizabeth Eder, Cheryl Boverhuis, Casey Johnson, Chad Quam, Scott Reese, Jon Spatenka, Anna Jacobson, David Anderson, and DeAnn Skroch

• Friday, July 8th:  Zaine Augustine Briedenbach, Parker John Bunn, Payton Lorraine Bunn,  Barb Hagen, Al Lee, Adam Arends, Jacob Terry Phillips, Deacon Thomas Lang, Summer Paulson, Deb Jacobs, Marlene Jensen

  Saturday, July 9th:  Larry Otto, Corey Pence, Mavis Knudtson, Joni Calderon, Lisa Worke, Dale Peterson, Jenny Bunn, Julie & Dean Hunt, Jennifer & David Lageson

• Sunday, July 10th:  Kalene Larson, Ethan Green, Brett Dunlap, Sally Hanson Sadden, Suzanne Skroch Larkin, Carley Ray Talamantes, Holly Swearingen, Anna Uetcsh, Todd Borchert, Kym Cameron, Paulette Nelson, David & Pam Farr, their 30th; Ryan &Amy Crabtree, Dustin & Jenna Quimby

• Monday, July 11th:  Zoie Marie Jensen, Shirley Wallace Tennant, Nicholas Lee Schultz, Helen Scripture Schubert, Kelly Sauke, Nataniel Lizarazo, Michlene Degan Reistad, Rochelle Thompson, Lisa Goodnature Noble, Christopher Olson, Jessica Mangskau, Elaine Peterson, Naomi Hemingway, Randy Borchert, Scott Knutson, Celina & Richard Drescher, David & Bonnie Jensen, Carrie (Thompson) & Danny Wichmann

• Tuesday, July 12th:  Daniel Christensen, Kimberly Peterson, Rick Pelzl, Daryl Waltz, Herb & Lori Moon

• Wednesday, July 13th::  Megan Elizabeth Nowariak, Audrey Lillian Peterson, Marayah Mae Mortenson, Kolette Lageson Stevenson, Brenda Misgen, Sandra Cerney Collins, Joseph Adrian Parks, Ed Nelson, Cynthia Fuerniss, Dick Larson, Amber Anderson, Jean Johnson, Corey & Danielle Wangsness and Jason & Shannon Peterson

• Thursday, July 14th: Budach Martin Perry, Kallen Reed Rasmussen, Gaviin Cole Halverson, Sharon Richards Lucas, Annette Hove, Madison Larkin, Dana Simonson, Jeff Kitzer, Jerry Langlie, Lee Cummins, Shane Davis, Peter Kasper, Roger Swearingen, Bethany & Ashley Ashton

• Friday, July 15th Nathan Daniel Wayne, Nathan Joseph Bauers, Levi Peterson, McCoy LaVerne Schwierjohann, Thad Aaseth, Judd Aaseth, Stacy Seath, Lacinda Jensen, Vicki Utpadel Knudson, David & Kim Kilian

Wishing that each day is happier than the one before.

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