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The Geneva Cancer Run was recently held and "What Comes To Mind" is all who take advantage of this most interesting ride and all for the benefit of fighting cancer. I have gleaned some information about cancer and ways we can help our selves in the cancer fight from books, news articles, television and the computer.

It is known that cancer is largely a man-made disease and can be prevented if people would use common sense and develop four healthy lifestyle behaviors in their lifestyle.

1. Stay tobacco free.

2. Maintain a healthy weight.  A body mass index of 18.5 and lower than 27.5 is best.

3. Stay away from alcoholic beverages.

This doesn't mean you can be immune to the disease, but it helps.

About one-third of cancer risk is attributed to environmental factors or inherited predisposition, or so- called bad luck.

Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death, followed by cancer.

In 2016 it is estimated that 600,000 people will die from cancer and 1.6 million people in the United States will be diagnosed.

Women are more prone to cancer risk than men. Lifestyle attributes to high risk factors.

Strange as it may seem there is no better therapy than love and laughter. It has been proven a good belly laugh is better than medicine and helpful in trying to keep cancer away.

Playing games on the Internet is a big plus. But a lot of good information can be found on the Internet that can cause you to think before you smoke, drink or eat harmful foods or drinks.

Enjoy life and take care of YOU. Prevention is the cure we are looking for and how we live makes a big difference. It is surprising how just a few little changes in the food we eat matter. Cancer thrives on sugar. Staying away form sugar can be a big factor in keeping cancer at bay or helping to find a cure. Also getting enough Vitamin D cuts breast cancer as much as 50%. (John Hopkins research.) Vitamin D increases your production of calcitual, a powerful natural anti-cancer fighting agent. Aim for 1000 IU of Vitamin D daily.

Who doesn’t like "greens" like salads of lettuce, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts. cauliflower and bok chay? Try it, you'll like it. These green vegetables contain compounds that shut down the growth of cancer. Just one half cup of these vegetables a day can reduce your risk of cancer by 40%.

Iceberg lettuce is packed with Vitamin K, a nutrient that targets inactive, precancerous cells and boosts antioxidants or flavoroids which act like anti-cancer shields. A few ounces daily can cut the risk of breast cancer by 13%.

We all know the benefits of garlic and onion as it breaks tumor growth and dampens cancer fueling inflammation. And one clove of garlic and two tablespoons of onion daily can knock our cancer risk 44% or more.

Dried apricots are a good snack because of their copius amounts of beta carotene. Eating four or them a day helps slash one’s risk of lung, breast or colon cancer in half.

Popcorn is a good treat. Air popped popcorn is safer than popcorn popped in packaging. There is "stuff" in the packaging that is harmful.

Love your cell phone but use it carefully. A government study conclusively has proven that cell phone radiation causes brain tumors. Use your cell phone moderately and keep that phone away from your face and never put it in a jacket or shirt pocket that will be worn over your heart of other places on your body. Moderate, wise use goes a long way.

Love citrus? If you consume it every day it is important to reduce your sun exposure for a few hours after consumption because it can make your skin photo sensitive and susceptible to 30% greater risk of cancer.

Men over 50 who use Viagra are 84% more likely to develop melanoma. They are also twice as likely to die from skin cancer than women so they need to be especially vigilant about sun protection. They are also more apt to be more careless about using sun protecion.

It is safe to get 20 minutes of sun exposure daily year round without sunscreen. It halves your risk of 20 different cancers including melanoma and breast cancer. Use common sense as to the time of day when the sun is less hot to be outside.

If you get too much sun, and you are as red as a beet, make yourself a salad. Fresh cucumbers cool and soothes the skin, as does the starch from a grated potato or a spritz of apple cider vinegar. Your skin needs vitamin A & D to heal.

 Augment your produce regimen with lots of milk, and find a cool place to "get out."

Exposure to sunlight triggers your skin to manufacture Vitamin D, a nutrient that destroys both cancer and pre-cancer cells. A 2000 IU daily dose of D3 will do the trick too.

Compounds in alcohol make skin more sun sensitive. A few beers can add up to 55% increased risk. It is recommended to have a skin exam every six months.

I have set a personal goal for preventing cancer. Though there are often contrary effects of lifestyle it is intelligent to think about these things. Prevention is so much better than working for a cure, but I thank all those who try to do their best to help aid this dreadful health risk.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, June 30th: Tammy & Jeff Busho, Susan (Schmidt) & Jon Anderson, Ann & Brent Wiersma, Nate & Kristine VerHey, Julie Vanden Heuvel Horiban, Eder, Nathan Robertson, Steve Jensen, Barb Wright, Lorrie Kelly, Roger Shaunce and Makenzie Lynn Vreeman

• Friday, July 1st: Keralyn (Paulsen) Powers, Eugene Hagen, Mary Edwardson, Linda O'Neil, Joanna Ruth Vermedahl, Jill Hanson, Chris Ihrke, Jason Churchill, Marjorie Otterson, Deb Schimek, Rachel (Eaker) Lee, Gary Carlson, Tristan Bangert, Robert Christensen, Roger & Joyce Wayne, Heather (Krause) & Dion Quiram and Frank & Marilyn Cuden

• Saturday, July 2nd: John & Wendy Schultz, Delbert & Judy Karsjens, Leslie (Gatton) & David Hecker, Sidney Skroch, Christopher Matthew Wacek, Mary Ann Ewing, Stacy Shaunce, David Beck, Chad Ritz, Wilma Arbogast, Melissa Quaintance and Tony H. Seykora

• Sunday, July 3rd: Danika Marie Jensen, Lorry Pelzl, Amy Storlie, Amy Walterman, Cynthia Nelson, Sara & Chris Ihrke, Rachel & Michael Schmidt, Phillip & Karen Briggs

• Monday, July 4th: Happy 4th of July!  Bethany Miller, Carlie Sevcik, Pam Nelson, Trina Churchill, Ellie Rose Meiners, Brent Meiners, Brian Meiners, Denise & Scott McGowan

• Tuesday, July 5th: Emma Harold, Brenlee Ann Knudsen, Emma Harold, Abby Harold, Jessica Wayne, Brad Tufte, Burt Scripture, Chad Sommers, Russell Thostenson, Rhonda Grunwald,  Issac Paulson, Danny Burns

• Wednesday, July 6th: Kylie Titus, Brenlee Knudsen, Austin Nord, Linda Aronson, Scott Briggs, Gary Grosland, Wendy Camerer, Travis Hanson, Paul Richards, Darrin Stadheim, James Van Riper, Kyle & Bethany Miller

• Thursdsay, July 7th: Collin Christensen, Elizabeth Eder, Cheryl Boverhuis, Casey Johnson, Chad Quam, Scott Reese, Jon Spatenka, Anna Jacobson, David Anderson and DeAnn Skroch

With each passing year, grow stronger, grow wiser, and grow richer in spirit. May the year be filled with new discoveries.

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