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God took one giving spirit, 

some friendly helping hands,

a strong and gentle shoulder

and a heart that understands.

He added some fun and laughter 

and wrapped it up with care.

He added adventure, hope and love

And then he called it DAD


There are a number of important keys to being a good dad, including to always be involved in his family’s life. It is important to respect and honor him and to treasure what he has, especially a family who regards him as their hero as he teaches them all to pray.

It is also important to include his children in his life from day one – unconditionally and forever. To let them know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to and to be a good role model.

It is important for dads to make their children a part of their world. Sometimes they will be tired and upset, but we need to realize they can get that way too. But no matter how long it is, it doesn’t last, so that’s the memory they will have.

Don’t let “no” be the first word children learn. Sometimes it is the answer, but it deserves an explanation. Be positive – say yes!

I remember my uncle, who often said no or yes in a positive way, by choice. “Your mother and I talked it over and if you’ve got the desire, the time, the money and the ability to try your best, go for it, and we hope you are satisfied with the outcome.”

Understand that all little girls aren’t into dolls, or boys to toy trucks, and enough of each is enough. More toys are bought to please Mom and Dad than for the kids and their pleasure is short lived.  

Parents need to allow their children to touch the soil, pick up sticks, feel and see the things around them, as well as count the steps and fingers, and pick dandelions. They can be as precious as roses.

Children have a close affinity with animals. Sometimes they tend to listen to stories they will never share with you or write down on paper, but it will challenge their mind and make things right.

It is never too soon to start a piggy bank for your child which can hold a percentage of the money they attain. That should be a decision they learn themselves. The money spent for “I wants” may be gone when there is something they really need.

You aren’t apt to run out of too many swings or hugs, tickles or giggles or other fun things to share.  

Children aren’t breakable if they’re handled with care. You can’t buy them the world, but you can lease them a little time in your lap, or share stories as you sit on the coach, or put them to bed.

Never, ever make fun of them or call them names that leave an indelible mark on their lives like a bad tattoo. Bear in mind what they think of you is reflected in what you do and say.

Girls can do anything boys can do and vise versa. If she wants to do karate instead of ballet it is no different than boys wanting to play violin instead of baseball. Supportive parents produce children with high esteem.

I have high regard for my daughter and her husband. They read to their children every night, they take them to the zoo and athletic events. They take them to a sit down restaurant, exposing them to the outside world, teaching them correct behavior and interests at an early age. Their daughter was swimming at 6 months, tumbling and cleaning up her chalk pictures from the sidewalk at 3 without reminders.

Children love tea parties, picnics and pretending. They have heroes and those they admire just like adults do.

Drowning a worm dug out for fishing is as fun but not as exciting as catching their own fish.

Play ball whether it’s kicked, caught or thrown.

Remember their definition of a man. If you drink, smoke, do drugs, swear and display negative behavior, chances are they will mimic your behavior in their lives and that of those they associate with. Teach them to avoid reckless people and live responsible lives. They are worthy of being treated as such.

Dear Lord, please give me a purpose I can live for, a self I can live with and a faith I can live by. Amen 

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, June 16th: Andren Richard Aaseth, Aven Leo Aaseth, Emily Otto, Bethany Otto Mikesell, Doug Smith, Lorraine Wallace, Vonda Humburg, Kenny Evenson, Kari Ingvaldson, Chase  Boehme, Heather (Crabtree) & Keith Krenke, Rochelle (Butler) & Brent Chapman, Tracy & Paul Marcus, Richard & Becky Axmann, Kim (Anderson) & Rich Schneider and Dale & Marlene Peterson

• Friday, June 17th: Kimberly & Mike Luhring, Jim & Jeanne Worrell, Tiffany (Moon) & Josh Krueger, Natalie Jean Aaseth, Jim Hohansee, Eric Tobiason, Joshua Churchill, Aaron Casterton, Matthew Xavier, Tim Butler, Chase Hanson, and Anna Kay Hardyman.

• Saturday, June 18th: Kendel Marie Klocek, Keturah Katherine Mae Gassmann, Brett Hagen, Dennis O'Neil, Dave Lieberg, Marie Dobberstein, Marvin Enzenauer, Bonnie Nelson, Krysti Cameron, Margo & Milton Wayne, Diane & Wayne Jensen, Greg & Linda Pavek, Brad & Tammy Thompson, Kathy (Barnett) & Chad Peterson, Amy & Brady Jensen, (2011)

• Sunday, June 19th: John Jerome Olson, Josephine Ann Olson, Julie (Vanden Heuvel) & Dale Horihan, Ellen (Johnson) & Mark Johnson, Al & Carol Schultz, Julie & Chad Cornelius, Guy & Tracy Cromwell, Fred & DeLoyce Schmidt, Melissa & Scott Anderson, Tammy & Jeff Busho, Rich & Susan Hanson, Cesar & Heather Rosas, Ashlie Pence, Johnathan David Schewe, Maryann Stone, Jean Pelzl, Theresa Kasper, Monty Spurr, Erica Van Kampen, Tracy Cromwell, Erica McClaskey, and LaVerne Calverly 

• Monday, June 20th: Adelyn Grace Quaintance, Jean Ahlstrom, Kari Vanden Heuvel, Christopher Wayne, Patti (Stadheim) Bell, Chris Jensen, Alan Schmidt, Dianne Jensen, Madison Renae DenHerder, Mike & Kirra Hanson and Rick & Karla Kelly

• Tuesday, June 21st: Dorothy Kilian, Terry Van Kampen, Robyn Schmidt, Harmony Mattson Anderson, Greg Ramaker, Jay Ditlveson, Teri Jahnke, & Haley Katherine Meiners and Greg & Shirley Tennant

• Wedneday, June 22nd: Jessie Cleven, Marilyne Donahue, Travis Broskoff, Bruce Hunter, Barbara Haberman, Cheryl Peterson, Becca Schei, Mark & Sharon Sorenson, Chris & Linda Newgard, Dale & Suzanne Boverhuis Jr.

• Thursday, June 23rd: Carlie & Joseph Sevcik, Greg Bartsch, Ann Farr, Amanda Wacek, Rhonda Reichl, Rebecca Schei, Alley Mae Hammett, Avery Ella Hammett, Ralph &Alyce Randall

• Friday, June 24th: Bryan Rebecca Fritz, LuAnn Hanson, Gordon Hanson, Joel Butler, Andy Sommers, Mary Harty, Sheryl Berg, Rick A. Miller, Julie & Brian Hove, Valerie (Tobiason) & Scott Quiring, Stephanie (Morris) & Brad Hendrickson and Danielle (Cook) & Travis Johnson

Hope you have a day filled with things that make you smile!

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