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We just celebrated Mother’s Day, but I feel it is Mother’s Day every day. I know I have talked about my grandmother before and some of the things she did that didn't seem feasible. But as I read Dr. Joseph Mercola’s book about "effortless healing," much of what I am reading about are the very things my grandmother was known for — all before her time.

Going barefoot, especially in the grass and next to the earth, is one of the things Dr. Mercolas talks about. The Chinese perspective on walking barefoot is that your skin in general is a very good conductor. It simply provides "electrical nutrition" from the earth that helps cool the inflammation associated with so many chronic diseases.

Walking barefoot outdoors is a simple pleasure that can be a powerful health-promoting activity. “Grounding” as it is often called, helps improve quality of sleep and feelings of restfulness upon waking. It helps significantly reduce muscle stiffness and chronic pain. It also helps thin your blood by imparting your red blood cells with a stronger negative electrical charge on their surface, which improves the ability to repel each other and to flow through all our tiny capillaries.

I guess I can say that my grandmother was a master of natural medicine before her time. She went barefoot and my mother does too. She says it lets you "feel" so you are less likely to trip.

The Chinese connection is that your skin in general is a very good conductor. Connecting any part of it, especially the spot right in the middle of the ball of your foot, to the earth, is potent. This acupuncture point joins all the energy pathways of the body.

Exercising or just walking or working barefoot outside in the fresh air is one of the simplest and most natural things someone can do to improve their health. There are of course contradications. Walking barefoot isn’t a treatment or a cure for eveything. It simply provides “electrical nutrition” from the earth that helps cool the inflammation associated with so-called chronic diseases.

Grounding at first may make you feel worse because it is ridding you of harmful pathogens which may thin your blood (so be aware if you're taking blood thinners). It triggers the death of toxic by-products. My grandmother didn't know those things, she just listened to her body. You can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, exercise and barefoot time. Three birds if you expose your skin to the sun so you get your daily dose of vitamin D. People, especially those over 50, may need supplements as well. 

Mercolas also feels that people, especially young children whose bodies are still developing, are in great need of nutrients. Processed junk food should not be used as a reward that “tastes good,” or withheld as a punishment or deprivation of fun.

The extra calories found in junk food harm our bodies. They are not something to give to children whose bodies are still developing and in great need of nutrients.

The toxic concoction of foreign chemicals and artificial flavors often found in “junk food” leads to disease and leads to increased health care bills.

People need to start thinking of healthy food as “the fuel” that will fortify our bodies with nutrients.  They help boost our immune systems and fight disease. Healthy foods also help slow down the aging process and go a long way to make us feel more alive.

We are generous in providing funds for research, but maybe it is time to think of ways we can ward off the disease. Think positive and use common sense.

— — —

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented that they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements.  In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, May 12th: Richie Robinson, Dorothy Jensen, Larry & Jean Klocek

• Friday, May 13th: Brooklyn Christine DuBois, her 13th; David Richards, Rose Glienke, Troy Donahue, Curt Esplan, John Nechanicky, Holly Pence, Tracy Swearingen, Larry Schmidt, Reed Thostenson, Rose Glienke, Alan & Kathy Knudson

• Saturday, May 14th: Clair Dahl, Linda Olson, Anna Mae Peterson, her 11th; Katie Peterson, Ginger Thompson, Bruce Waage, Brad Wayne, Judy VerHey, Mark VerHey, Jeff Christensen, Shannon Krikava

• Sunday, May 15th: Carter Hagen, Evan Dobberstein, Megan Grubish, Alex Wayne, Mark Flesche, Dan Hagen, Don Hagen, Nicole Strand Harris, Stephanie Krueger, Neil Berg, Sandy Jensen, Marsha Neitzell, Tammy Thompson, Brett & Jessica Richards, Ralph & Irene Krueger, Jon & Nicole Farr

• Monday, May 16th: Ron Kubicek, Mark Reistad, Mark Skroch, Vernie Stieglbauer, Kim Lageson, Doug Lembke, Judy Karsjens, Anne Larson, Allycia Zinke, Becky Phagan, Bev White, Annie Larson, Christine & Brian Carlson

• Tuesday, May 17th: Laura Caroline Deml, her 9th; Caitlyn Nelson, David Thompson, Dale DeRaad, Rhonda Lund Thevenot, Jerry Blouin, Robert Briggs, Dyne Thereneau, Kay Barclay, Darlyne Paulson, Judith Hatch, Thomas Shawback, Rose & Carl Glienke

• Wednesday, May 18th: Blake Ihrke, Zachary Jacob Dau, Cory Bailey, David Farr, Arlene Busho, Arlene Cummins, Xan Johnson, Mandy Muri Johannsen, Charlie Hanson, Dan Schember, Hank Thompson, Carol Stohr, Roger Draayer, Kelly Krumwiede, Rod Serdahl, Dan & Val Schember, Sue & Dean Westrum

• Thursay, May 19th: Christina Hill Berry, Madison Schweirjohann, Summer Schember Schultz, Mike Rysavy, John Oolman, Dawn Parks, Tim & Tiffany Hanson

• Friday, May 20th: Oakley Baker, Kaye Schember Cady, Laureen Hohansee, Kathy Hanson, Hannah Ashton, Carrie Thorstenson, Penny Nordhorn, Haley Collins, Scott Stohr, Kevin Peterson, Kent Lageson, Josh Kelly, Virginia Jensen, Cynthia Butler, Jay & Marsha Neitzel, Ed & Camille Nelson, Hannah Ashton, Adam & Kristen Arends

• Saturday, May 21st: Bernie & Sue Swenson, 1977, Tony Dodge, Christopher Flim, Tom Wilker, Joel Cooper, Ryan Parks

Celebrating with you as you mark another year.  Hoping that your day is filled with family, friends and cheer!


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