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Aren’t people funny? When the temperatures reach 68 or 70 degrees in the fall we put on extra clothes to keep us warm. Then when spring arrives, and the temperatures are back to those same temperatures, we shed the layers.

Why does the same temperature feel differently?

Bundling up in our winter attire has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It does help keep us warm, but it also helps hide the pounds we have put on from eating all those great comfort foods. 

Spring has arrived, and as a result those extra pounds are now visible as we take off all those extra layers of clothing. It is, once again, time to start eating healthy.

Did you know that orange juice or other fruit juices made from concentrate have little of the really good stuff left in it? The fiber and vitamins have been reduced to not much more than a sweet beverage through the processing. 

My mother used to scrub oranges really well to hopefully get rid of some of the pesticides – and then she would “juice” the whole orange in the blender. Yes, it is good and gives you so much real goodness because of the vitamins and nutrients in the skin and “white stuff” you usually peel away. Most fruits have the majority of their nutrients in the skin.

What is it about a dollar store? They seem to feature some of the same things found in the old “F.W. Woolworth” stores – everything from bobby pins to birds. For real variety, and hard to find items, it is hard to beat a thrift market, a “goodwill” store or a benefit auction.

If you’re old enough you will remember when hair styles were often “set” for the older, white haired ladies that had a hue of purple to them. Purple colored hair seems to be back but not exactly the same way. We can also see it in many shades of red, green and yellow. A fun thing - at least it will wear or wash out when the fad goes away.  

Too bad those permanent tattoos can’t fade away. It is hard for me to understand why anyone would spend money and suffer misery to blotch their skin. I guess I think of the German concentration camp victims who were tattooed for the death chamber or calves that are branded for identification on a ranch.

I shudder when I see someone holding their cell phone up against their check for any length of time.  Maybe it isn’t dangerous, but some say too much of that type of exposure causes tumors. Pregnant women should be careful about where they put their cell phones, such as the pockets of their clothes, because of the potential danger to the baby that they are carrying.

I know if we went by everything we hear we wouldn’t be able to do much of anything or eat anything.   But there is some truth to be considered. Some items like bread and meat are filled with chemicals that keep them from spoiling, which is a plus, but what does it do to one’s body?

Maybe it isn’t nice but have you ever sat and watched shoppers leave a store and thought about the variety of clothing and merchandise they had bought?

Dressing choices can vary from flip-flops to boots, winter coats to T-shirted customers. That temperature test can hinge on 68 or 72 in the fall and feels cold but yet in the spring those temperatures feel warm enough to shed some clothing.

The weather service has been kept busy trying to predict the weather. Is it only in Minnesota that weather can be varied, changeable and “spotty”? It can snow or rain in a patch here and there while leaving other patches warm and dry and very sunny.

During our recent snowfall it was interesting to see the great number of robins in the back yard. Spring has sprung? What is that old saying? ”A robin’s tail will be snowed on three times before spring.”  I wonder if the robins know that and can count?

Spring tempts us into treating ourselves to an old-fashioned ice cream cone at McDonalds. It is hard to believe how different the texture and taste of the ice cream can be that is served from the different McDonalds you patronize. You would think it would all be the same.

Don’t throw it - stow it. Keep a bag in your car for garbage and wait till you get to the nearest garbage can before you dispose of your trash. The corner of the access to Geneva from the freeway is like a magnet – attracting the trash that people throw out of their windows from their fast food stops.

One thing about yellow cars: you see them – just like the safety apparel that has become fashionable for visibility and safety sake. People who walk or ride after dark would do well to adapt their clothing choice during those times to something bright so they can be easily seen.

Doesn’t it make you feel good when you see an empty building come to life again as a renewed or new business? Think of all the Western towns and their abandoned buildings – like on old TV Western. It is such a sad situation to see empty buildings that were once busy with people coming and going.

Squirrels! I can’t believe how these little rodents can manipulate even up the smallest metal pole. I know some people don’t care for them but they are entertaining and their babies cute.

— — —

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented that they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements. In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us. 

Also, if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, April 14th: Dakota Clark, Anna Elizabeth Bailey, Tina Hagen, Jason Vogt, Rachel Oswald, Marcia Hemingway Jensen, David Jensen, Ron Huber, Butch & Gail Ottesen;

• Friday. April 15th: Mason Robert Klemmensen, his 8th;  Terry Jensen, Barry Troe, James Benson, Sarah Christine George, Cayla Conroy

• Saturday, April 16th: Eddie & Arlene Miller, their 64thd; Terry & Cindy Vaith their 32nd

• Sunday, April 17th: Mike Nesdahl, Suzanne Marcus Cory, Matthew Olson, Diane Van Riper, Kathy Paulsen, Bethany & Terry Mikesell, Jerry & Mary Peterson

• Monday, April 18th: Ellen Hanson, Marge Leak, Peggy Wallerich, Tim Stollard, Tom Kaphers, Rebecca Lyn Peterson, her 14th; Brian Olson, Danielle Zamora, Levi Michael Den Herder, his 10th

• Tuesday, April 19th: Elizabeth Rose Wallace, her 9th; Cody James Reistad, his 10th; Aaron Utpadel, James Bremmer, Jaxon Branstad, his 14th; Kaden Shaw Tonlinson, his 12th

• Wednesday, April 20th: Jacob Dau, his 9th; Sara Elizabeth Hemingway, her 13th; Steve Mumm, Brenda Sorenson, Kathy Haberman, Jennie Korsbon, Paul & Jennifer Wayne

May the year ahead bring you a world of pleasure.

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