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Another holiday is fast approaching. Valentine’s Day was named in honor of St. Valentine, who was an early Christian Saint. It is celebrated on February 14th by the sending or exchanging of cards, letters and gifts.

Some may think it is a frivolous, romantic day. You might be right. But I believe it is a pretty important day.

In fact, I believe that we should celebrate every day with love and kindness for our fellow man. How hard is it to say, “I love you,” or give a hug or a kiss to let people know we care? It is, but not really enough to expect that our loved ones know that we truly do care for them. We take it for granted that they know.  Those three little words, “I love you” are really big words that express a lot.

My dad was not great on saying, “I love you” but he was good about distributing a kiss whenever he left the house, something he learned from his brother, George, and felt very strongly about it.

As I was waiting for the elevator at the hospital this past weekend while we were visiting our daughter, Keralyn, and her new baby boy, Oliver, I said “hello” to a couple of young children I am guessing were brother and sister. It is interesting that young children always notice that I am missing part of my leg.  Later I saw them again and they each gave me a note that they had written and signed with love.

They were concerned about my leg and expressed their thoughts and hoped that I would feel better.  They didn’t know me, or I them, but their notes were a beautiful gift to me.

So why would anyone want to take Valentine’s Day off the school calendar? It is so important that children grow up knowing about love and kindness.

I see by the papers that some schools have, or are planning to take what we have accepted as “holidays” from their school calendars because they aren’t what other cultures celebrate and it may be seen as offensive.

How do you feel about that? Are you ready to give up Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s etc.? Everything but Presidents’ birthdays and Martin Luther King Day, which I think should be named differently. Something like, “Civil Rights Day” instead of honoring just one man.

It is hard to believe that businesses would give up the commercial value of these days. Children also look forward to these days.

As are expected to put our heads in the sand and give up these things that have been an important part of our culture for years?

We have been willing to share and made concessions for their religions and culture. Those who come from other countries have their special days and moments. Isn’t there room for more? Why take away the feeling of love and caring?

Our kids over the years have taken great pride in making cards and drawings for our appreciation. The kids of course were great on making and sharing Valentines then and now they mean more than a fancy, over-priced commercial card. Though there are times there is a card that says just the right thing.

Happiness is all in how you look at things! Downsides and drawbacks can be hard to ignore. But there is always more to celebrate than to stress about.

Every day holds so much to be joyful about – and so many blessings. Start counting them, and you will see how they add up!

Too bad there isn’t a Valentine’s Day every day but we can celebrate the love that generates on that holiday. What can we do every day to make it more loveable? Hugs and kisses, flowers now and then, surprises or unexpected chores done, special meals, a shelf put up, anything that adds to everyday living that makes it special and/or rewarding and portrays love an caring from one’s family and friends.

P.S. My nephew’s lovebirds’ three babies are almost fully-grown now. This family has been such a joy to watch as they care and protect each other. We can all take a lesson from “the birds.”

If you have birthdays and anniversaries you would like to include, or news to share, please contact me via e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; by postal mail, P.O. Box 192, Geneva, MN 56035; or telephone, 507-256-4405.

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, February 11th: Megan Pence, Jet Wayne, Neil Douglas Schmidt, Donna Wilker, David Dunn, Julie Christensen, Rhonda Thompson Christensen, Steve Gallentine, Earl Cleven, Teresa Knudson Pratt

• Friday, February, 12th: Gail Skroch, Joe Moon, Michael Hanson, April Van Riper, Rick Borchert, Eugene Kruckeberg, Travis Wayne, Jessie Olson, Greg Oswald, Taff & Jean Worrell, David & Carolyn Hanson

• Saturday, February 13th: Cobi Gowlland, Becca Spurr, Greg Spurr, Jim Brocker, Eric Olson, Linda Ingvaldson, Bonnie Jensen, Brian Rechtzigel, Anita Kes, Terry & Pam Roberts

• Sunday, February 14th: Happy Valentines Day!  Angie Entwisle, Elsie Vander Stoep, Michelle Peterson, Matthew Reiter, Angela Westrum Lair, Lee & Jean Johnson, Bob & Mary Macko, Gene & Linda Pederson

• Monday, February 15th: Kloe Renee Wacek, Nancy Cornelius, Patty Kunkel, Eric Olson, Adam Warnke, Ron Jensen, Michelle Hanson, Angie O'Byrne, Elina Butler and John Pfaff

• Tuesday, February 16th: Delores Hemingway, Marian Horan, Jesse Lund, Wayne Jensen, David Peterson, Sara Miller, Sarah Nelson, Ian Oolman, Tanya Callahan, LeAnn Hanson, Donald & Dory Hunt

• Wednesday, February 17th: Toni Wayne Smith, Nancy Johnson Erickson, Thomas Farr, Keith Wayne, Dave Von Gorkom, Dawn Pence Gross, Brian Dobberstein, Joan Richards, Joan Kaphers, Michelle Cortinas, Carolyn LaFave, Shannon Weckwerth Pacholl, Alvin & Cheryl Cooper

May all the good wishes that you receive on your special day bloom in your heart and bring you joy!

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