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It is for the birds.

My nephew Kade wanted to have a dog in the house but was told no, as it was felt the dog would be hazardous for people who don’t see well and have difficulties getting around at times, so he had to settle for something else to keep him company.

His grandma had birds at one time and his great grandma did too. Granted, they were canaries, finches or parakeets as there weren’t too many exotic birds around back then.

Kade acquired two love birds, which originated from the Phoenix, Arizona area, which coincidently is where Kade’s mother now lives. One came from a lady who didn’t want to part with it but needed to. The second bird was a gift from his stepfather, Mike, who thought the bird needed a friend. Needless to say, he spent big bucks at a local pet store for the mate. They were soul mates from the start. The love birds now have four eggs in their cozy little home and Kade is anxiously awaiting to see if they bear “fruit.”

Kade also found a couple more birds that sing duets together. A gentlemen who discovered he was allergic to his birds offered them to Kade. Ricky, the cockatiel, is about 15 years old, has lost his sight, but remains quite active. Georgie, the colorful little Parentles, which is related to the love birds, had originally come all the way from Florida. The bird is like a clown at a circus, always ready to entertain.

Having these birds in the house brings back happy memories of Grandma’s birds who sang so sweetly. Be careful though. Petting these birds can bring on “pecking” with beaks as tough and sharp as a pliers.

That made for four new residents in the Schember household. Kade later learned that a lady from Faribault no long wanted her parakeet, so “Peep” has also joined the family. My dad would have said, “We need to build a grain elevator to feed all of these darn birds,” but he isn’t here. Kade does figure to stop at five – maybe!

Needless to say, they provide a variety of music from all the chirping. The birds also perform acrobatic stunts until it is time to put the cover over their cages at night.

Whoever said, “You dirty bird,” knew what he was talking about as these birds shed feathers and throw seeds from their cages which needs to be vacuumed up every night. Kade can’t resist “clucking” a little bird talk every time he passes by their cages.

Somewhere in my mother’s collection of unique items, Kade found a clock that used to “chirp” on the hour. A fresh new battery got the birds back singing happy songs again. The clock sings every hour on the hour so there are many birds singing in the house.

Supposedly the birds were going eliminate the desire for a dog, which they did, but Kade was recently called upon to find a dog for his friend Teresa. Kade learned there was a dog available in Iowa so he went on a four-hour trip to pick up Daisy Mae, a registered beagle. The dog’s new master, who had lost his previous dog to old age, fell in love with Daisy Mae and they became the best of friends. John of course had to buy his new “kid” some toys for Christmas, but Daisy Mae likes the gift of the loving arms of her master around her best.

Meanwhile, Grandma Carole says, “No alligator or pythons please.” Enough is enough!

— — —

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, December 31st: New Year’s Eve!  Bailey Joy Ihrke, Bree Olivia Ihrke, Larry Paulsen, Dean Pospesel, Lynne Flor, Brent Wiersma, Brent Worrell, Isabelle Wayne, Dorothy & Adrian Kilian, Greg & Cindy Oswald, Larry & Elaine Howell

• Friday, January 1st: Happy New Year!  Ross Aronson, Jerry Seath, Larry Schwartz, Amanda Beach, Lois & Duane Aitchison

• Saturday, January 2nd: Grace Jolie Wangen, Brian Bedney, Jay Crabtree, Mark Dobberstein, David Lageson, Brenda Wayne, Aaron Nelson, John & Lorraine Lent, Kelsey (Wayne) & Matt Duncomb

• Sunday, January 3rd: Jerret Utpadel, Andrea Avery, Stan Nelson

• Monday, January 4th: Sophie Elizabeth Stork, Kelsey Christensen, Delphine Pence, Jeff Cornelius, Dennis Hill, Monty Mrotz, Jeremy Nelson, Corey Johnson, John Butler

• Tuesday, January 5th: Olivia Pauline Christopherson, Devon Mark Born, Pat Simon King, Warren Kelly, Randy Paulson, Jay Neitzel, Amy Kasper, Nash Petranek, Melinda & Ray Talamantes

• Wednesday, January 6th: Mallory Anna Schlinger, Marianne Christensen, Kevin Jensen, Tammy Busho, Todd Nelson

• Thursday, January 7th: Rodney Peterson, Gary Ayers, Stacy Jensen Pirkl, Karina Thompson

• Friday, January 8th: (Elvis Presley) Cameron Schember, Mike Marcus, Terry Pelzl, Dan Reese, David Jensen, Ryan Benning, Jennifer Rechtzigel, Brandon Borchert, John & Melissa Marlin

• Saturday, January 9th: Melinda Hanson Talamanates, Lisa Dunn Wayne, Mark Lee, Adam Deml, Jay Wangsness, Steve Vanden Heuvel, Becky Wayne Clark, Larry Jensen, Allen Dobberstein, Allan Swearingen, Dan & Lavonne Nelson

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