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Isn’t it strange we just assume that everyone, everywhere knows the story of the birth of the Christ child? This isn’t so. There are still areas in the world where the story has not been told.

If you have an opportunity and like to read, try and find a copy of the book, “Seven Stories of Christmas Love” by Leo Buscaglia.

It intrigued me at first because it reminded me of my Grandmother Hanson, who always had room in her bed for her grandchildren, and how they loved it.

My grandmother used the time to talk and tell stories, but mostly it was a time of shared love. It was not unusual for her to have six, seven or even eight or more little ones in her bed, probably laid crosswise to accommodate them all. Back then there was no such thing as a king or queen size bed, so things were really tight.

The children are adults now and have children of their own, but they all remember Grandma and the times spent with her in her bed. It was an honor and a gift they always looked forward to and remembered.

Back to the story. Buscaglia was a professor who went beyond modern civilization into the green wilderness of Bali. He reminds us that Christmas can last more than one day of the year, and that the true spirit and magic of the season can be felt every day of the year.

The natives he encountered had never heard the Christmas Story. As he told the story they were spellbound by the tale and especially intrigued in the fact there was no room in the inn for the Christ Child.

Part of their culture was like my grandmother’s. The natives honored Buscaglia by inviting some of the people to share his bed. Nothing sexual about it, just the touch and warmth of others. Is that what Grandma shared?

The natives kept referring to the fact that there was no room for Jesus and his family to stay. We must not let that happen to our church families. There must always be room for our religion and it should be a honor.

 Perhaps there is a story there.  No, we don’t have to share our bed, but it could be a symbol that we could, or should, always share our lives in a loving way with those around us. We can share our love and feelings with those around us and always make room to add one more. There should always be room for more — more religion, more acts of kindness, more love for others, and more service to our Lord.

We should always have room in our life for God and all that He stands for! No room in the inn?  Make room and glorify God.

— — —

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