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The days continue to tick away. Before we know it Thanksgiving Day be here. Thanksgiving appears on our calendars as Nov. 25 this year, but I feel Thanksgiving day should be every day of the year. To be able to share this special day of food and fellowship with family and friends is something to be thankful  for, but there is so much more. Every day isn't a holiday, but it is something to be thankful for.

Food, of course, is something to be thankful for, but maybe we need to think beyond filling our own bodies and think of those who don't have enough food to eat. Sometimes things happen and people just are not able to have the funds available to purchase the food needed to keep their bodies going.  

Some people we will never be able to explain, but we can express why the things in our faith have been so important.

If everyone would donate just one item per month to their local food shelf programs, those shelves would be overflowing and they would be able to help provide much needed relief to those who struggle day to day to provide for their families with basic necessities. Just a dollar can grow in worth if donated to one of the charities that help feed the poor. The price of a soft drink or a cup of coffee could feed even more because food shelf and charity personal have ways of multiplying food resources.

It is the unselfish kindness of good people that help feed the hungry. We all should help care for the suffering and provide peace to others whether they are church people or not. 

The Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments are non-denominational, but the people who believe in them have a belief and a heart of love for their fellow man. Who can deny that miracles don't just happen? Some things can not be explained.

We may not always be faithful in talking to a higher power, but you can be sure that is the first conversation you will have when the need is there. God was there even when we aren't.

It is no surprise I get upset over those who try to take down our religious beliefs and remove significant messages from the God we worship because they don't believe the same way. To add insult to injury, some of these things have been here for a long time. 

When I go to Mayo Clinic and look at the network of medical buildings — the largest non-profit in the world and world renown — I see how it grew from a few who were there after the disaster.

Yes, it may say "Mayo" on the label and they deserve the recognition, but we must remember to give thanks to the nuns who were there to care for the suffering, especially after the town was hit by a tornado oh so many years ago. Mercy comes from believers, not from those who make caustic remarks about the value of religion and the people who are a part of a church family and care for their fellow man. These are even "good people" who take things for granted not realizing there is always a need.

Sometime during the day when everything is over, take a little time to realize how blessed we really are. Thank God and appreciate all that we have been given. Make it truly a Thanksgiving day!

— — –

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, November 19th: Sidney Ellen Schultz, Kolby Dale Boverhuis, Deb Schmidt, Roger Dulas, Jennifer Kycek, Chanelle McCamish, Darrin Peterson, Mandi Wobschall, William Conley, LaShawn & Gretchen Ray, Jeff & Julie Cornelius

• Friday, November 20th: Chuck Pence, Howard Pence, Eric Simon, David A. Hanson, Angie Blouin Sikel, Dennis Blouin, Scott Brekke, Malinda Fennert, Alisha Waalkens, Heather Crabtree Krenke, Kristine Kelly, Rachel Nelson 

• Saturday, November 21st: Paul Wallace, Angie Johnson, Paul Kasper, Desirae Farr, Cheryl Harpel, Greg Schimek, Leah Maddox Larson, Abby Underland, Dustin Burshem, Robin & Jan Jepson

• Sunday, November 22nd - Mallory Luhring, Whitney McCamish, Jodell Hanson, Keven Larson, Donna Maixner, Jane Tappe, David L. Hanson, Jason Peterson, Jacki Shadden, Elzo Peterson

• Monday, November 23rd: Amy Hunnicutt Kromminga, Lisa Holmes Rietsema, Margaret Loven, Marietta Sommers Rupe, Rick Thompson, Sara Anderson, Joyce Ditlveson, Amanda Farr, George & Diana Ritz

• Tuesday, November 24th: Blaine Boverhuis, Deb Peterson Schmidt, Ellen Pearl LaFave, Heather Snow, Lisa Hunnicutt Vreeman, Bob Hanson, Rita Glynn, Abraham Ladlie, Kyle Layland, Scott & Lisa Reitsema

• Wednesday, November 25th: Scott Groth, Calista Lerum, Randy Born, Mitchel Hill, Joel Langlie, Brian Vogt, Gideon Jude Long, Daryl & Kathy Paulsen

Wishing you quiet moments of beauty on your special day and may Thanksgiving and every day day be a day for "thanks giving!"

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