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I came across a picture the other day that goes back to the polio epidemic of years ago.

At the time, former Geneva resident and school teacher Eunice Wayne related how these children were only allowed visits from their parents about every three months while they were hospitalized.

Why? Because it was thought to be too hard on the children, as well as the parents, when they had to part. The psychology was to make it less stressful by scheduling fewer visits. Hard, but I guess it made sense.

Can you even imagine putting active young children into those almost coffee-can like containers? Cruel? Yes, but it was the only thing the doctors knew to do at the time to help keep the children alive.

Thank God and for the research that advanced medicine to change that method of treatment for this illness.

I have often wondered what happened to the children. Did those children of years ago live to outgrow the effects of that massive imprisonment?

Children are so resilient, but there had to have been psychological scars. What did people do back then to keep the normal, active child so confined, and for so long?

Not as traumatic, but back then there was the “Sister Kinney Treatment” for limbs that needed special packing and caring. My grandmother told me about how her sister, Esther, had what they supposed was polio. They packed her limbs in ice and only a few of the doctors had given up hope for her.  A neighbor who really didn’t want to interfere did tell them that the Indians treated their people just the opposite. They packed the limbs in warm, damp cloths instead of the cold treatment method.

Esther’s family thought, “What do we have to lose in trying?” so they started doing the same type of treatment the Indians were using for Esther — and she got well again.

Sister Kinny got the credit for using this basic method of treatment, but the Indians were the ones who taught discovered this method of treatment.

Think of how medicine has changed over the years and look ahead to what still may come. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive, but for good reason. Have you visited a hospital or clinic like Mayo lately? Some of the old ideas still exist, but I heard it right from one of the doctor’s mouths how there are new medicines available for cancer, and also for Alzheimer's, that they feel are promising.

It is very important for people to start getting rid of the toxins in our systems and keep them out. It is these nasty things that can really cause problems.

We all know there are side effects from things like chemicals, but we also need to respect the contents of things we might find in the foods we eat. The artificial sugars and the unprintable names of ingredients that keep our bread fresh are some of the things we need to be aware of.

We fight cancer with research and lots of money. Should we be looking at all the unspellable items on the labels to see what is in the foods that are harmful and often unnecessary? When you spray deodorant, wash a floor or clothes with ingredients that could be harmful, it is innocent but deserves our scrutiny.

Big business is out to make money and perhaps in all fairness they don’t always know that chemicals added to cleaning power or weed removal may be evil. We need to “detox” when and where we can.

— — –

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