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I’ve probably told this story a dozen times about Halloween, but here I go again.

Tricks were tricky back in those golden years. My Grandpa Hanson was on the county school board for Districts 133 and 96, back in those early school days. Come morning one day, there on top of the one room school house sat a full size farm wagon.

Grandpa wondered, “How in the world did the farm wagon get up on top of the school house?” And of course his next thought was, “How in the world was he going to get the farm wagon off the school house?” The school house wasn’t very big, but it was tall.

Grandpa’s hired man showed up not too long after he discovered the wagon, so he enlisted him to take down the masterpiece.

Come to find out the hired man knew how to do it because he was the one who went to all the work of assembling the wagon there in the first place.

I have mixed feelings about Halloween. I guess it’s all in how you look at things. It is best to look at the happiness it gives to the children who look past the negativity of it and only see fun. The chance to dress up and pretend to be someone else for just a little while is exciting for them.

I would rather see something more beneficial than giving out candy treats, but to the kids that is part of the fun. Parents have learned, or developed, ways to portion the candy out, as well as suggest that they share it with others.

And we can’t forget a few years back, I believe in 1991, when we all got treat for Halloween, the snow storm!

My Grandmother Hanson had come to live with my mother and dad shortly before that time at St. Olaf Lake. The storm was so bad it knocked out the electrical power just about everywhere in our area. While they congregated in one room, my mom and dad more or less moaned about the inconvenience. Not Grandma. She looked at it like it was a party or family gathering. She thought of the experience as camping out.

The electricity was out for several days but my dad had a small generator he used sparingly to help keep them warm.

My husband, Daryl’s, parents were not so lucky. They were without electricity for about two weeks. Troopers, they made it an adventure reminiscent of the times before we had electricity. Jack and Vernetta figured out how they could cook and stay warm just like in the olden days.

What special memories do you think of at Halloween? Most of the adults in our area enjoy and furnish entertaining tricks on their friends in Geneva. They try to make it safe and convenient for the children.

Most people don’t bother to decorate their homes outside for a one-night celebration, but there are a few people who come to mind. Norris and Luella Thompson from Ellendale were outstanding in their celebration for kids and adults alike. My mother can remember when they made a punch that smoked (using dry ice). She also remembers how they used grapes for eyes, as well as other scary things.

And we can’t forget Dan Nelson, also of Ellendale. Dan draws a hige crowd for Halloween each year. People old and young alike like to see his decorations, as well as his costumes each year. What would the people of our area do without a personality plus character like Dan?

I hope that everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, October 22nd: Scott Sorenson, Jennifer Pence, Lyle Swearingen, Brian Johnson, Kelsey Wayne, Dave DeVrient, David Polzin, Coleen Thompson, Sage Tristan  Lang, Clifford Coy, Diane Gallentine Pfieffer, Kailey Ann Christensen

• Friday, October 23rd: Jacklynn Kress, Marian Dahl, Gene Grubbish, Kimberly Kilian, Grant Ver Hey, Stewart Hatch, Rick & Lana Thompson, Dan & Tina Schmidt, Gary & Deb Nelson

• Saturday, October 24th: Noelle Mae Brekke, her 5th; Jacob Keith Rigby, his 6th; Jeff Dobbertstein, Bobby Dobberstein, Joseph Bailey, Dan Willert, Bob Wayne, Ashley Ashton, Gil & Kay Nelson, Lorna & Russell Reistad

• Sunday, October 25th: Mavis Bartsch, Jady Beenken, Dean Van Hal, Charlotte Haberman, Heidi Crabtree Owen, Mikaela Krikava, Spencer & Barb Kubat, Dean & Sandy Jensen, Breanna & Timothy Breidenbach, Heidi & Jason Owen

• Monday, October 26th: Nadine Strenge, Jannell Tufte, Jeanne Holland, Heather Hove, Reece Gabriel Routh, Jake Andrew Wiersma, Kevin Hamor, Conner Dean Rhode, Jeremie Roberts, Jamie & Andrea Mettler

• Tuesday, October 27th: Jason Born, David Anderson, Bruce Yanke, James Bremer Jr., Mitchell & Amy Edwards, Donly & Joanne Cromwell

• Wednesday, October 28th: David Thompson, Jan Sorenson, Lisa Mortz Morin, Rick Horan, Randy Horan, Todd Brotizman, Rich Weckwerth, Sue Westrum, Tanner Jorge Wilson, Lyle & Darlyne Paulson, Jane & Jeff Allen, Amanda & Paul Rovnak

Hoping that your special day puts a song in your heart to last the whole year long!

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