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Watching a parade of people wearing various colored T-shirts with various types of logos is sort of like seeing a walking billboard. Seems like you can't do anything that doesn't involve advertising of one sort or another. People are strange. They will pay more for the privilege of advertising than they will pay for a plain old colored T-shirt. It really becomes two fold - when people wear T-shirts with a logo of some sort on it they are advertising an event or a "cause," as well as getting a great shirt to wear.

It is interesting how clothing has taken on the "knit look" and eliminated the use of irons. Quite a time saver. I do recall a cousin of mine who many years ago used to iron everything from socks and underwear, as well as put creases in her work blue jeans. What a gal. Her dresser drawers and closet were neater than star quality.

Don't ask me how often I use an iron. It might be embarrassing if I didn't know where to find it when I really need it.

I vaguely remember dressing up to go to town, to attend church, or for some other special events. Now it seems like anything goes. It is a good thing to be able to wear what you want — or it can be a bad thing if it takes away the respect you have for an occasion. It shouldn't really matter as long as what you are wearing is clean and “decent.”

I watched a mother and her kids walking across the parking lot one day. The kids were having a ball, running and jumping, doing gymnastics and skipping over short cement columns. Any wonder why their skinny little bodies are constantly moving? It will prove why exercise makes a body better.

And then there are those flip flops. It is a good idea to always wear a pair in the shower, especially if it is in a public shower like at school, gym, or wherever. It is interesting how those flimsy bits, which are usually rubber or plastic, have gone from dollar store dignity to high price and fashion. I've seen them on bare feet, nylon covered feet, anklets and even men’s wear. Good or bad for your feet — that is the question. At any rate they are popular and most people have at least one pair to step into. We all could take a lesson, especially from the Asian people who remove their shoes when they enter someone’s home. It isn't just visible dirt, but the kind that clings anonymously that spreads germs.

As I've said before, going barefoot on dirt and sand is good for the feet. It has something to do with the electrolytes that do a body good. Going barefoot, during the summer especially, was the thing to do years ago, but it seems to have made a comeback. It seems that feet aren't just made for walking. There's something sensory about your feel that makes a difference to your health. My mother says going barefoot is good because it keeps you from tripping and it helps you to know where you're going. (Especially if it is in a thistle patch or a field of stubble.)

Soaking your feet in epsom salt is an old-time cure for any number of things you wouldn't imagine had anything to do with your feet. Don't take them for granted — they come in handy for a great number of things.

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements.  In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us.  Also, if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me.

If you have birthdays and anniversaries you would like to include, or news to share, contact me via e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or by postal mail, P.O. Box 192, Geneva, MN 56035; or by telephone, 507-256-4405.

This week’s birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, September 3rd: Marie Carroll, Lori Ingvaldson, Tatum Wilson, Joanne & Mitch Wayne, Dick & Paulette Nelson

• Friday, September 4th: Cody Blouin, Marc Vanden Heuvel, Melissa Wayne, Erin Dobberstein, Daniel Pitcock, Holly Wangsness Dau, Rachel Arends, Melissa Engel, Melody & Tim Gassman

• Saturday, September 5th: Beckett Dane Rasmussen, Sydney Marie Schmidt, Jennifer Broskoff Dutton, Bruce Langlie, Beth Ann Seulter, Darren Hanson, Stacy Evenson, Grace Lorrain Kofstad, Rande Nelson, Dennis & Mary Jensen, Chuck & L'Myra Hoogland, Brian & Angie Dobberstein

• Sunday, September 6th: LeAnn Hjoberg, Cindy Sloan Scheevel, Jackson Kilian, Tina Thostenson, Luke Trumble

• Monday, September 7th: Tanner Ryan Green, Caleb Wacek, Janice Nelson, Charles Phagan, Allen Wacek, Jenny & Jed Popiel, Summer & Wayne Schultz, Erik & Gina Cooper, Brant & Rhiannon Boerner

• Tuesday, September 8th: Pastor Joel Xavier, Natalie Aaseth, Cindy Loberg Smolinski, Anna Lois Erickson, Brittani Hagen, Karen Briggs, Kelly Hagen, Amy Johnson Svoboda, Jennifer Johnson Popiel, Jimmie Olson Jr., Jamie Thompson, Brenda Dokken, Bob & Karen Vaith, Jessica & Jay Eidem

 • Wednesday, September 9th: Eva Lauren Wayne, Charlie Pence, Paul Aronson, Bruce Cerney, Corey Haddy, Steve Hanson, Roger Herbst, Jim & Mary Brocker, Randy & Deb Parks, Spencer & Suzanne Wayne

• Thursday, September 10th: Arnold Lund, his 97th; Taya RaeAnn Lembke, Emily Crabtree, Caden Jensen, Curtis Blouin, Craig Blouin, Pauline Fetterly, Steve Granowski, Kathy Knudson, Sally Utpadel Waknitz, Connie Kruesemark, Charlie & Diane Marlin

• Friday, September 11th: Geoffrey Stieglbauer, Andy Arends, Dawn Misgen Meier, Craig Torgerson, Matthew Mueller, Kathy Nelson, Mark Calverly, Paul & Jo Otto, Steve & Mary Bailey, Leanna & Jared Peterson, Tim & Angie Butler, Brian & Jodi Wayne, and Rich & Linda Weckwerth

Wishing you a day of joy...and a year of happiness.

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