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A little bit of this, and a little bit of that...

Computers are wonderful tools when then work but when they don't....I won't say what it does to me.  I feel ignorant because I can't find the little Grinch that makes it do nothing that I want it to do or mixes up or loses EVERYTHING for me. I will never know how anyone ever invented them or why, but they keep changing them and for this computer operator, I just can't keep up.

I remember the man who had so much trouble with his computer that he took it out in the back alley and fired seven shots into it and “killed” it. I am not sure if I ever heard why he thought it would take seven shots, unless he fired one for each day of the week.

I could feel for him. Many times I have felt the same way, but I would not shoot a gun at my computer, or anything else for that matter. Frustration reigns. To top the whole incident off, he was ticketed for firing his gun in the city limits.

Hillary Clinton raises a question about her use of the computer. Her husband, on the other hand, reportedly only ever sent two e-mails as president, one of which was a test message to see if he was doing it correctly.

On to a new topic.

What does it mean when the package that hot dogs come in, which are usually the cheaper kind, say, "Mechanically separated chicken, pork, and no trans fats, lactose and gluten free, etc.?"

My mother is a label reader, but those hot dogs look fine, and even the label that says, no artificial flavors, or colors, filler, by products or MSG. But those words “MECHANICALLY SEPARATED” leaves her a bit baffled, so she sticks to the more expensive kosher brands.

It is nice to see good labeling on the products we buy, especially the ones we eat. But if it says, "High Fructose," she says she wouldn't buy it.

Speaking of food, if your grocery bill starts to get too high, do like my Grandmother Hanson used to do — buy only what you really need.

It might be hard to get used to, but take it one at a time for awhile and resist the temptation to buy what isn't needed. You could be healthier because of it. Pass by the things you "want" and concentrate on what you really need. Convenience foods are handy, but they are much more expensive than making foods from scratch and if you are making them from scratch, you know what is in them. 

Family members may complain there are no Eggos, but you can scramble an egg, or make pancakes, waffles or French toast quite easily for breakfast. To save time, when things can be busy in the morning, make a mix and "jar" it for use as you need it. Yes, it will take a little bit of time to prepare, but your family will survive until you get it made. It is far better to fill them with fresh fruits instead. Bananas, strawberries and grapes are always good "treats."

Educate yourself on how many miles you would have to run for one goodie or treat. Your kids or grandkids would get a kick out of that. Kids should know what they would have to do to make up for eating that cookie or candy bar. It might change the flavor a bit.

Also, you would be surprised how much cheaper your grocery bill would be if you eliminated those things you really don't need or shouldn't eat, like sugary items — the candy, rolls, cookies, chips and pop. Everybody does get hungry for something special now and then, but don't call it a treat.

Speaking of health, it is better to prepare dry popcorn than to buy the easy stuff you "pop" in the microwave. It seems there is something about what has been used to seal the bag so the popcorn will stay in the bag as it is being popped that can be harmful to your health.

I recently read an interesting article about new ways people can do regular medical checkups by machine, alleviating the need to take time off from work to go to doctor appointments. Someday we may be able to undergo those regular checkups where we work, or during a noon hour stop at a medical center.

The Mayo Clinic Health System kiosks are able to treat basic symptoms and illnesses as it guides people through a "normal checkup." It checks weight, blood pressure, listens to hearts, checks ears, and examines skin via a video connection.

I am, in most cases, ready for all the advances that can be made with developing machines to help us with many of the things we need to do.  BUT, I don't know if I am ready to do medical checkups, sitting in front of a computer screen. 

If life didn't contain change, I don't suppose it would be very interesting. Change is the thing that brings about decisions, creativity, and new advancements. Decision call for choice, and without choices a person can't or would not grow. The only trouble is, most of the time it is difficult change and hard choices that make you grow the most.

It is not always easy to be happy and thankful. Sometimes when circumstances bring about change, you might look back later and realize you grew and matured through them, but at the time all you can think of is how hard it is.

— — —

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements.  In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us.  Also if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me. 

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, August 13th: Dennis Deml, Tim Enzenauer, David Haddy, Bob Brandt, Lisa Dummer, Megan Dummer, Janet Hope, Kellie Petranek, Sylvia Jepson, Saxton Chad Ritz

• Friday, August 14th: Mark Sorenson, Lucille Nechanicky, Gretchen Oswald Thompson, Peter Kasper, Leah Berg, Wes Neidermeier, Alison & Chad Muilenburg, David & Carrie Paulson,

• Saturday, August 15th: Roger Wayne, Obert Osmundson, Kaye Dee Hanson, Nancy Nelson, Stephanie Peterson, Rhonda Shelton, Cade Shelton, Brian Warnke, Dorrie Horan, Michael Suelter, Larry & Kathleen Jensen, Kellie Benning, Brian Warnke, Maverick Harold Knutson

• Sunday, August 16th: Kaven Dean VanHal, Haley Deml, Alexander James Dufresne, Mary Lerberg, Shayla Ann Marie Pachoel, Julie Arnold, Wayne & Marie Dobberstein, Harold & Janice Jensen, Mark & Diana Sundwall, Jeff & Julie Schlei, Donny & Gail Turvold

• Monday, August 17th: Cole Brody Thompson, Katie Klemmensen, Julie Osmundson, Luke Wiersma, Carol Nelson, Dillon Matthew Kubiatowicz, Abbey Beaber, Jackie DeVrient, Sonya Peterson, Cheryl Spurr, Steve Ladlie, Daniel Whelan, Rod & Cheryl Thompson, Tira & James Smith, Tina & Todd Wangen

• Tuesday, August 18th: Ron Johnson, Rick Johnson, John Ross Vermedahl, David Klocek, Michael Ingvaldson, Kelly Schmidt Janning, Connie Robertson, David Rietsema, Gary & Kathy Anderson, Ryan & Jill Hanson, Tamara & David Jepson

• Wednesday, August 19th: Daxter Carter Lee, Jason Langlie, Michelle Peterson, Jennifer Popiel, Cheri Krejci, Ruth Enzenauer, Cynthia Grubish, Lois Johnson Aitchison, David Cooper, Alyssa Kay Jensen, Larry & Karen Carlson, Jackie & Travis Olson, Andy & Julie Arnold, Larry & Mary Ellen Walton, Kayla & Patrick Krause

May your day be filled with everything you enjoy most.

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