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A day in my life....

When my husband, Daryl, decided to go up north fishing on Saturday, it seemed like it would be a fairly quiet day. I should know better - my days never seem to be quiet.

The day started out with my trip to the old Thompson Boat House at Beaver Lake. The Ellendale Historical Society had once again been invited by Ed and Norrine Jensen to hold their August meeting at Beaver Lake. Originally Norrine had planned to hold the meeting inside the boat house, but later decided it would have to be moved outside due to the large number of people who came to spend some time at the lake. People were able to sit at the picnic tables, as well as in their lawn chairs, and over the course of the morning a large number of stories were shared about those good old days at Beaver Lake. 

One of the topics included the big waterslide that had been a popular item to enjoy during those hot summer days in the 1920s and 1930s. As Barbara Mrotz shared in the Heritage Bits in the July 30 Star Eagle, people could rent a four-wheel cart, which they then carried to the top of the slide. Once they reached the top, they placed the cart on the track and would then ride the cart down into the water.

Carlyle Lageson, who is in his 90s, lives in Albert Lea and was in attendance for the gathering at Beaver Lake. Carlyle had informed Ed and Norrine Jensen some time ago that he saw a cart like the one that had been used at Beaver Lake, at the Freeborn County Museum, so the Jensens went to investigate, and sure enough they found it, and learned the cart in Albert Lea had been used at Beaver Lake.

While talking about the waterslide, I was able to pull out my copy of the Star Eagle from my tote bag and showed Carlyle Barbara’s story.

(The story about the day at Beaver Lake will be continued as a feature story in an upcoming issue of the Star Eagle.)

Following the great morning at Beaver Lake I came back to Geneva and stopped to visit my mother. Her grandson, Kade, reminded us that the upcoming week would be a busy one. In lieu of that fact, he suggested it might be a good time to drive to Owatonna to visit our dear family friend, Clarice Pence, at The Brooks. We had earlier in the week driven up to visit her but didn't find her home that day so we gave her a call to make sure she would be home. Clarice was home and she said, “Yes, please come, I was sorry to have missed your visit earlier this week.”

We were able to get caught up on all the news and of course before we could leave, Clarice had to take us outside to the patio area so we could see her flowers. Clarice is so proud of her geraniums this year. She has a huge pink geranium, that is just beautiful, but she is proudest of her two flower pots of white geraniums.  She is so very happy to be able to show them off.

Days are long when you when you live in senior units like The Brooks and are not able to get out and visit with many of your family and friends, so we try to visit some of our former residents as often as we can.

We returned back home to Geneva so that my mother could rest a bit after all the activities. Later in the afternoon I decided to head up to Ellendale a bit early for the Saturday night musical performance on the City Stage so I could stop at Lerberg’s and pick up another copy of the Star Eagle to replace the one I had given Carlyle.

En route to Ellendale, I happened to see a John Deere tractor pulling a hay rack. On the back of the hay rack was a sign that said, "Just Married." And for those of you who know me, I couldn't just leave it at that; I had to find out who had just gotten married and what they were doing on a hayrack.

I was able to see who the driver was while they were stopped at a stop sign, and I got out of my van and asked him if he would mind waiting a bit so that I could take a picture. Doug Willert, which many may know as "Gout," was the one driving the tractor, and he said, "No, but follow me," and we headed on down the road. I followed them to the farm site of Brian and Nicole Bergland, which many would know as the former farm of Bill and Ann Klemmensen just west and north of Ellendale.

Brian and Nicole had earlier that day been joined in marriage on the farm site. The wedding service, as you can guess, had a farm theme. The driveway leading into the farm had a very large rolled bale of hay in the middle, which was decorated with light orange colored flowers that were shaped into a letter "B" for Bergland. Several large urns of flowers decorated the lawn, and a number of trees at the farm,had been decorated with flowers and ribbon as well.

Upon arrival at the wedding, the wedding guests had been asked to sign the guest book. The guest book was actually a low wooden table that had been placed on hay bales, which made it easier for them to sign. 

I also noticed a sign had been placed near a large wooden spool, which I believe at one time may been used to transport electrical wire. The spool was used as a display area for family pictures and such. The sign stated, "Come as you are, Stay as long as you can, We're all family here, so there’s no seating plan."

The wedding guests had been able to sit on bales of hay that had been placed on the lawn during the service. A wooden climbing gym, located on the lawn, formed an arch and was also decorated with flowers and served as a backdrop for the service.

Following the service the wedding party had gone for a hayride while their guests gathered near the machine shed which had been cleared of farm equipment. The table for the wedding party was decorated in grand style in the machine shed and individual tables and chairs had been brought to the farm and set up under a large canopy for the wedding reception. The tables had been covered with white tablecloths and deer anthers; a candle and a vase of beautiful flowers were placed on top of small tree slabs in the center.

Janice Pederson and her crew served a delicious meal to Brian and Nicole’s guests. We wish Brian and Nicole all the best as they begin their married life together on the farm.

After snapping a number of pictures, this wedding crasher left the Bergland farm.

I then made my way back into Ellendale in time to hear "The Good Times Band" on the City Stage in downtown Ellendale. (Please look for this story in this week’s issue of the Star Eagle).

I guess one can say it was just another quiet day for me in a week of happenings here in Southern Minnesota.

— — —

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements. In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us. Also if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me. 

If you have birthdays and anniversaries you would like include, or news to share please contact me via e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; by postal mail, P. O. Box 192, Geneva, MN 56035 or telephone, 507-256-4405.

• This week's birthdays and anniversaries include:

• Thursday, August 6th: Lynn Nechanicky, Rick Cook, Matthew Miller, Andy & Mary Lerberg, Wendell & Connie Kuehni

• Friday, August 7th: Shelly Mangskau, Zachery Vangen, Lori Titus, Dylan Waltz, Jack Jensen, Dakota Wayne Heideman, Kaityn Quimby, David Arbogast, Darren Casper, Allen Wacek, Tom & Katie Marlin

• Saturday, August 8th: Ian Matthew Wayne, Luke Wangsness, John Vander Stoep, Jamie Walworth, Kathy Born, Scott Crabtree, Jessica Marcus, Sharon Miller Jensen, Barb O'Conner, Gary Peterson, Emily Jensen, Marc Collins, Matthew Swift, Don Gould, Mya Glienke

• Sunday, August 9th: Aaron & Mickki Heimer, Linda Wayne, Mavis Knudtson, Steven LeRoy Christensen, Cherie Halla, Karen Holmes, Amber Nordland, Angie Reichl, Dustin Jepson, Sierra Ellen Misgen, Josiah Jeffrey Schei, Christopher Quentin Haberman

• Monday, August 10th: Jovey Kathleen Knudson, Lynn Arends, Linda Weckwerth, Teresa Wright, Jeff Olson, Vernon Cornelius, Michelle Brandt, Richelle Butler Chapman, Melisssa Cornelius Large, Dustin Dobberstein, Thayne Nordland, Ross & Kathie Lein, Steve & Kathy Nelson, Darrin & Linda Stadheim

• Tuesday, August 11th: Nicole & Daniel Burns, 2012; Nicole & Dallas Loken, Brian Broulik, Vicki Humburg, Jeremy Kaiser, Mike Plunkett, Kris Simon Freitas, Sharon Sorenson, Kim Anderson Schneider, Brian Thostenson, Irvin Jensen Jr., Kevin Avery, Luke Clark Wangsness, Pagie Sophia Kromminga

• Wednesday, August 12th: Linda & LaVerne Stieglbauer, Shawna Robertson, Tessa Christensen, Kristine Schroeder, Cindy Oswald, Cindy Nelson, Cynthia Crabtree, Thomas Smith, Ross Swearingen, Genie Hanson, Amy Tasker

• Thursday, August 13th: Dennis Deml, Tim Enzenauer, David Haddy, Bob Brandt, Lisa Dummer, Megan Dummer, Janet Hope, Kellie Petranek, Sylvia Jepson, Saxton Chad Ritz

• Friday, August 14th: David & Carrie Paulson, Mark Sorenson, Lucille Nechanicky, Gretchen Oswald Thompson, Peter Kasper, Leah Berg, Wes Neidermeier, Alison & Chad Muilenburg

• Saturday, August 15th: Roger Wayne, Obert Osmundson, Kaye Dee Hanson, Nancy Nelson, Stephanie Peterson, Rhonda Shelton, Cade Shelton, Brian Warnke, Dorrie Horan, Michael Suelter, Larry & Kathleen Jensen, Kellie Benning, Brian Warnke, Maverick Harold Knutson

Wishing you much happiness on your special day!

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