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Of all the angels high above there is one above the rest. Of course this angel’s name is love.

Soon it will be Mothers Day, but then, isn't every day Mothers' Day?

The child a mother carried next to her heart for nine months shares a closeness that can never be equaled except by a mother who has been chosen to raise a child she was unable to give birth to.

Once a person becomes a mother, life takes on many characteristics, including joys, problems, rewards and sacrifices to name a few. I could go on and on but nothing matches the miracle of birth and the new life that has begun. Consider if you will how each person will "mother" their child or children that have become a part of their life. What could be closer than a mother and her child? The way they treat their relationship will eventually affect every relationship in the family.

The need to belong is basic in every person. That is why families are so important. That sense of belonging is important to everyone. What we learn from our mothers, as well as being a part of a family, are the most unforgettable lessons that our lives will ever teach us.

The things that a mother will teach her children and the stories she may have from those experiences may be full of mementoes that say, "I Love You." Loving a child doesn't mean giving in to all their whims. To love them is to bring out the best in them, and to teach them to love what is difficult.

Schools will teach children how to read, but the environment of the home must teach them what to read. School can also teach them to think, but the home must teach them what to believe. It is desirable that children be kind, appreciative and pleasant. Those qualities should be taught and not hoped for.  Children learn more about their faith during the bad times than they do during the good times.

It is nice to be remembered, but nothing will ever match the times be spent together - just mother and child. It is important to remember that too much love never spoils children. Never fear spoiling children by making them happy. Children become spoiled when we overindulge and substitute presents for presence. Burned out kids are usually the result of burned out parents.

Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow.  Tomorrows depend on the way we plant the seeds of today. Those times later show in how the children grow and how that affects others.

Erma Bombeck has told us that "Motherhood is the second oldest profession." Thus it would seem that the mothers' how-to-manual would be complete by now, but mothers are not all the same. We know that. Mothers are different and require different solutions of caring for their families. Some mothers are so full of love and understanding it spirals out in every direction, while some are hard to understand as they withhold the love that is buried deep inside.

Despite their difference, mothers everywhere share a common bond as they have worked hand-in-hand with God to create new life in our world.

Being a mother is a God given profession. It is hard work. It is interesting, challenging and honorable. It is a constant, evolving process of adapting to the needs of their children. Mothers need to be patient with their children in the same way that God is patient with us.

That old saying about moving mountains and kids reminds us that, "People who want to move mountains must start by carrying away small stones." For many mothers, it may seem easier to move mountains than to move those sleepy kids out of their beds each morning. Such are the challenges of motherhood. A mother’s arms are made of patience and there isn't anything sweeter than the children you hold in them. 

Whether mothers are moving mountains, kids, or both, it is important for them to remember that it takes patience and a steady hand. They can't give up. They need to do their best and keep carrying away those small stones - one stone at a time - and then leave the rest up to God.

Being a mother is a constant, evolving process of adapting to the needs of their children. I can think of many ways mothers teach and make us grow. Remember, children need love, especially when they don't deserve it. The tone of one’s voice and the expression of attitude speaks more than words.

Motherhood is the toughest job you will ever love. Being a mother is both rewarding and frustrating, and not to be taken lightly.  Children grow up quickly. There is so much to teach them and do and time flies by so quickly. If one doesn't teach their children, society will. Enjoy their company and love them. A mother’s first duty of love is to listen. Motherhood brings us joy, but it also brings exhaustion as they help children develop his or her individuality. Growing up, knowing you are accepted and loved can make an incredible difference.

There is no friendship, no love, like that of the mother for her child. I like the fact that motherhood also helped me become more than I might have been. Without my children, would I have been able to live up to my full potential?

Moms are usually the ones who give the hugs, hugs of encouragement, hugs of acceptance, hugs of forgiveness, and hugs of shared joy.

On Mother's Day, thank your mother for the greatest gift they could give. Thank your mother for the time they took, the love they gave, and for making your life the very best they could.

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, May 7th: Brody Hanson, Brian Jensen, John Snyder, Nancy Swearingen Grant, Brian Johnson, Heidi & Jason Owen, their 10th, Bryan & Diane Brighton, Heidi (Crabtree) & Jason Owen, their 10th

• Friday, May 8th: Grace Carol Jean Riskedahl, her 3rd; Olivia Kay Smith, her 9th; Kristina Follien, Marguerite Christensen Nelson, Ronald Wangsness, Elizabeth Bremer, Sandy Neubauer

• Saturday, May 9th: Elli Pearl Baker, Aidan Jeffrey Schlaak, his 10th; John Jensen, Sue Pence, Jake Simmons, Julie Haroldson, Sue Hohansee, Audrey Horan, Karol Carroll, Nijole Aaseth, Rachelle Doran, Carolyn Greer, Karla Kelly, Jerry Westrum, Jill (Ottesen) & Cam Kehne

• Sunday, May 10th: Tari (Walterman) Erickson, Ryan Callahan, Tina Nelson, Steve Nielsen, Christine Ingvaldson, Dave Oeljenbrun, Mary Wilker, Brody Johnson, Mark & Sara Misgen, Rande & Jamie Nelson

• Monday, May 11th: Michaela Ann Hanielton, Jaxon Edward Beavens and Parker Reese Beavens, their 9th; Carol Cromwell Cox, Ed Haberman, Krista Hanson, Troy Janka, Daniel Robertson, Robert Vaith, Loretta Schewe, Scott & Shannon Pacholl

• Tuesday, May 12th: Richie Robinson, Dorothy Jensen, Larry & Jean Klocek

• Wednesday, May 13th: Brooklyn Christine DuBois, her 12th; David Richards, Rose Glienke, Troy Donahue, Curt Esplan, John Nechanicky, Holly Pence, Tracy Swearingen, Larry Schmidt, Reed Thostenson, Rose Glienke, Alan & Kathy Knudson, John & Barbara

• Thursday, May 14th: Clair Dahl, Linda Olson, Anna Mae Peterson, her 10th; Katie Peterson, Ginger Thompson, Bruce Waage, Brad Wayne, Judy VerHey, Mark VerHey, Jeff Christensen, Shannon Krikava

• Friday, May 15th: Carter Hagen, Evan Dobberstein, Megan Grubish, Alex Wayne, Mark Flesche, Dan Hagen, Don Hagen, Nicole Strand Harris, Stephanie Krueger, Neil Berg, Sandy Jensen, Marsha Neitzell, Tammy Thompson, Brett & Jessica Richards, Ralph & Irene Krueger, Jon & Nicole Farr

• Saturday, May 16th: Ron Kubicek, Mark Reistad, Mark Skroch, Vernie Stieglbauer, Kim Lageson, Doug Lembke, Judy Karsjens, Anne Larson, Allycia Zinke, Becky Phagan, Bev White, Annie Larson, Christine & Brian Carlson

  Here's hoping that your special day brings you laughter, a light heart and much love.

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